World Concertina Day!

The first-ever World Concertina Day will be on Sunday, February 6th, 2022, the 220th anniversary of the birth of Sir Charles Wheatstone, inventor of the English concertina. World Concertina Day is sponsored by the International Concertina Association, in celebration of the 70th anniversary of our founding in 1952. The ICA is the only worldwide organization of concertina players and enthusiasts. We hope to bring together concertina people all over the world that day to celebrate our wonderful musical instrument and to raise awareness of the concertina with the general public and media. 

Here’s what’s in the works so far (more details at World Concertina Day Events) :

We’ll have an all-star video concert available for viewing starting on that day, including new performances from John Kirkpatrick, Rob Harbron, Jody Kruskal, Alistair Anderson, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, CaitlĂ­n Nic Gabhann, Paul McCann and many others.

Locally organized events on or near that day have been confirmed for Berkeley, California and the Puget Sound area in the US, and for Hampshire, Lewes, Sussex and Bedford in England, as well as a museum display in Somerset, England. Players in the eastern half of the US and Canada are putting together a compilation of video performances – the video trailer for it is here. Two US players are planning their own concert performances: a recorded concert by Randy Stein on English and a Zoom concert by Janet Dows on Anglo. The Cafe Orchestra, based in Holmfirth, England, is planning a new video featuring five concertinas as well as other instruments. There will be a new article on our website (including recordings) about the former Swedish Concertina Society [Svenska Concertina-sällskapet]. There will be a new video about concertina-shaped toys sold in Japan. More info is here!

More events are being discussed but have not yet been confirmed. If you’re not yet involved in any events, consider putting on one of your own! If you would like to take part, have ideas, or would like to discuss any aspect of World Concertina Day, please contact us at  If you notify us of an event, we will be happy to include it on our website.  We can also provide a World Concertina Day logo to use in your event publicity.   However, please note that the ICA cannot provide funding for your event or accept any liability in connection with it.

Some ideas for February 6 or nearby dates:

  • Gatherings of concertina players
  • Live public concert performances by concertina groups or individual performers
  • Events such as “concertina flash mobs” that lend themselves to social media publicity and local media interest
  • Live workshop events featuring concertinas
  • Local or national radio/TV interviews by concertina people
  • Display or demonstration of the concertina at your local museum, library or community centre
  • Sharing a recording of yourself or telling your social media friends about your interest in the concertina
  • Any events could be pre-recorded and posted online on the day
  • ….or anything else you can think of!

We hope you can join us! 

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