World Concertina Day logos

These are the official logos for World Concertina Day, which is 6 February 2022.

These may be downloaded and used for promotional purposes and for use on official merchandise as agreed with the ICA. Email for permissions, describing the purpose that you wish to use them for.

This PNG (Portable Graphics Network) format image will give the best quality, and has the benefit of a transparent background. This is the preferred image to use.

Click here to download PNG format.

This JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) version is of reduced quality, which is the nature of JPEGs, but is only slightly smaller in file size to that of the PNG. JPEGs do not support transparency.

Click here to download JPEG format.

This GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) version provides a small file size and a transparent background, but is mainly suitable for web use.

Click here to download GIF format.