Revenge of Reader’s tape

©1992 Concertina &Squeezebox Magazine, PO. Box 6706, Ithaca NY 14851 USA.
Recorded in Dolby 8:88 minutes

WELCOME TO REVENGE OF READERS’ TAPE! Our fourth sampler of homebrewed, cassette-recorded, free-reeding Concertina & Squeezebox readers’ contributions. This is a fundraising project for C&S Magazine.
In this tape we are extremely pleased to present the superb, inventive Anglo playing of JODY KRLJSKAL; we start off with Jody’s lovely composition The Procrastimition Waltz, which all attendees of our 1991 SQUEEZE-IN will remember as the highlight of the concert. IAN GOODIER & Friends show up from England with a number of great tracks; Ian is known as “the Best-Practised Concertina Player in the Universe”, having spent seven months in bed (following a back operation) doing nothing but squeezing away! Ian was another hit at our ‘91 Squeeze-in along with TIM JENNINGS & LEANNE PONDER, who have generously offered us a track from their recordingThe Water Kelpie for this sampler. FormerC&S Editor JOHN TOWNLEY,and Holmwood Concertina maker HAMISH BAYNE have also kicked in with selections from recent releases. Thanks to an enthusiastic recommendation from Alan Macdonald, we bring back Anglo player JACK KLINTWORTH & band for the beautiful Qot Pik Waltz. PETER TRIMMING also returns with some splendid Morris tunes on Anglo & McCann duet, and HUGH BLAKE treats us to some tunes on his 100-year-old single-row melodeon. Hugh’s rather grainy tracks herald the “field-quality’ recordings of DOUGLAS ROGERS, Professor of Guitar at the London College of Music, here presenting selections from Mozart & Molique in concert at two celebrated London churches; beautiful playing in the style of the great 19th Century concertina virtuosi. Our sincere thanks to all for their contributions.
This tape is presented as usual, with due apologies for variations in sound quality; while a number of tracks were recorded in professional studios, others were made at home with what may be charitably termed amateur equipment. So while we have striven for uniformity, you may need to adjust the volume on some tracks. As with our last tape, we have put the roughest cuts (Hugh and Douglas) at the end of Side 2; however, if you can weather the background noise and generally iffy sound quality you’ll still hear some marvelous stuff—and it’s absolutely unavailable elsewhere: here’s your chance!
All profits from the sale of Revenge of Readers’ go to finance the publication of Concertina & SqueezeboxMagazine. So thank you for resisting the temptation to copy this tape!

All titles traditional unless otherwise noted.

JODY KRUSKAL: Jeffries Anglo Concertinas
1. Procrastination Waltz: ©Jody Kruskal
2. Honey man/Krazy for Kasha: ©Jody Kruskal
3. Cuckoo’s Nest/You Married My Daughter and Yet You Didn’t
4. Cobble Hill: ©Jody Kruskal
5. Pop Goes the Weasle
6. Dean Street: ©Jody Kruskal, with Grand Picnic (Marco Brehm,
Michael Gorin, Bill Peek, Sam Zygmuntowicz)
TIM JENNINGS (Bastari English Concertina) &LEANNE PONDER
(Celtic Harp)*
7. Cow’s Lament
JOHN TOWNLEY (Dipper Shantyman Anglo Concertina,fiddle etc*
8. Bounding Billows
IAN GOODIER (Wheat stone English Concertina) with Steve Burgess
(Accordion) and Ian Sherwood

HAMISH BAYNE (Holmwood English Concertina) & MARTIN
COLE (Guitar)
1. Rights of Man/Off to California
2. Prince Frederick/Bear Dance (with Wheatstone Anglo Concertina)
3. Watermann’s Hornpipe (with Lachenal Edeophone McCann Duet
IAN GOODIER ( Wheat stone English Concertina) & friends
4. The Schooner
5. Sir Sidney Smith’s March
6. Harper’s Frolic/ Horses Branle
7. Skepper Schottishe/Unknown
HUGH BLAKE (Accordions)
8. ‘Ward’s Hornpipe (w/1-row, 1-stop nelodeort)
9. McLean’s Pipes (as above)
10. The Sprig of Ivy/Scott Skinner’s Compliments to Dr.
MacDonald /Dundee City Police Pipe Band
Gb/A accordion)
11. Last Movement, Sonata in 13b for Violin by Mozart (K454)
(Recorded at St. George’s, Hanover Square, London June 21, 1990)
12. Flying Leaves #1 & 4 by Molique (1854) (Recorded at St. Martin-
in-the-Fields, London, January 15, 1991)
13. The Facetious Kiss: ©Jody Kruskal

* From THE WATER KELPIE, available from: Eastern Coyote Productions, P0 Box 1601, Burlington VT 05402 (Cost: $11.50 postpaid)
* From SAILOR!, available from: Lark in the Morning, P0 Box I 176CS, Mendocino CA 95460 (Cost: $10.00 postpaid)
* From MAKING MUSIC, (FE082/c) available from: Fellside Recordings, Workington, Cumbria CA14 3EW (UK)

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