Concertina & Squeezebox Magazine Reader’s Tapes

These recordings were submitted by subscribers of Concertina & Squeezebox Magazine over several years and sold on cassette tape as a fund raiser for the magazine. Joel Cowan, editor at the time, compiled and distributed the recorded contributions on these four cassette tapes. I have digitized my set and provide them here as a resource for interested concertina and accordion enthusiasts. The story of the magazine can probably be found elsewhere on the internet, but this collection represents a great audio sample of the wonderful variety of music the readers of the magazine were (and surely are today) making with their various squeezeable instruments.

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Original Readers Tape Son Of Readers Tape
Bride Of Readers Tape Revenge Of Readers Tape

The International Concertina Association has graciously offered to host this collection. If you spot anything that needs attention, please contact the Webmaster

An informal survey of people who submitted items for the tape indicated that no one had copyright issues with us freely distributing these recordings. If you are one of the contributors and have a concern, please contact the webmaster.

Each tape has it’s own directory and index, so once you click on an image below you will be taken to the contents of that tape. The contents were scanned from the original liner notes.

At the bottm of each set is a link you can use to download the whole tape, with the html index page for it.

Technical notes

I converted the cassettes to mp3 files, and scanned the liner notes. I used a basic OCR (optical character reconition) program to convert them to text, and made index files with links to the audio. The OCR process was kind of messy, so if you find any problems with the text, let us know and we’ll try to fix it. I did very little editing of the sound files as they came off the tapes.

For the techno-weenies out there, I used my Marantz PMD221 tape recorder/player, and an Mbox2 audio interface to record a set of wav files which were then converted to mp3 using the Lame encoder.

PLEASE NOTE that these tapes are no longer available from the addreess shown on the liner notes. Attempting to contact C&S at the address shown would be futile.

Best Regards,
Ed Delaney

March, 2009