Bride of Reader’s tape

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Our third tape of home-brewed, cassette-recorded readers’ contributions is even bigger (and certainly much more varied) than our earlier efforts. Some highlights include the remarkable young Chicago anglo player and Senior All-Ireland Concertina champion John Williams, recorded here for the first time. Burnish Bayne shows up with some brilliant tunes on one of his new Holmwood English concertinas, courtesy of the British Forces Broadcasting Service (Cologne). There are some grand shanties with Monk Farnham, holder of a Guinness record for being the oldest mariner to single-handedly cross the Atlantic under sail—both ways! British champion Peter Trimming blazes away with some terrific Morris tunes. We thank all for their generous contributions.

At the end of side 2 are two samples from the C&S musical archives. Frank Butler’s concertina band, playing a Hayden quintet, was recorded live at London’s Westminster Hall in 1958; roughly contemporary is a rare fragment from Alf Edwards, the legendary King of the Concertina. Both are previously unreleased.

The recording quality is somewhat better than the first two Readers’ tapes, but as with those sterling efforts many of the selections here were recorded on primitive equipment; so you may need to adjust the volume level on some tracks. The historical cuts with All Edwards andFrank Butler are particularly rough, having been culled from original damaged tapes, and for this an apology is perhaps in order; we’ve placed them last for this reason. As has been our policy from the beginnin, we aren’t too fussy about professional quality recordings for our tapes here at C&S—some of what comes in is beautifully played, but very badly recorded—and we’re in it for the music!

1. Tellingshopsa: Heidi Mattern (LachenalEnglish Concertina) & Nancy Martin (fiddle). Swedish Traditional.
2. Hills of Manchuria: Ibid. by I.A. Shatrov.
3. Almelose Kermis: Simon Mes (C&F Melodeon). Dutch Traditional.
4. Walzer: Ibid. Dutch Traditional.
5. De Haver Saa/Nyligen Regnet: Ibid. Dutch Traditional.
6. Row On: Iohn Townley (Dipper Shantyman anglo), Johnny Handle, Tony Davis & friends. (Tim Laycock.)
7. Wave Over Wave: Ibid. (Words and Music by Jim Payne & Janis Spence.)
8. Rolling Home: Ibid. (Traditional)
9. Town of Dungannon/Tuppenny Piece: Hamish Bayne (Holmwood English Concertina). Irish Traditional.
10. Hamburger Polka/Alan’s Concertina Polka: Ibid. English Traditional.
11. Shandon Bells/Rakes of Kildare: Ibid. Irish Traditiona).
12. Welsh Reels; Ibid.
13. Jacob’s Waltz: Jack Klintworth Gones Anglo Concertina) & Foreign Currency. Tune by I. Klintworth.
14. Reinlander: Ibid. Norwegian Traditional.
15. Whiskey Johnny: Monk Farnham with Will Hickman (Crabb & Dipper Anglos) & Christine Anderson (fiddle).
16. Over the Waves the Skye: Ibid. All Traditional.
17. Blow the Man Down/Spootiskerry*: Ibid. *by Ian Burns
18. Fire Down Below: Ibid.
19. Traditional Scottish Tune: Ibid.
20. French Canadian Tune: Stinson Behlen (4-stop Melodeon), cut off.

1. Texas Waltz: Stinson Behlen (2-stop Melodeon)
2. Amazon Echoes; Ibid. (2-row Brazilian Melodeon)
3. Traditional Austrian Tune:Ibid. (AID Melodeon)
4. Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance: Peter Trimming (36-key Wheatstone Anglo Concertina) All English Traditional.
5. The Golden Sovereign/ldbury Hill: Ibid.
6. Linden Lea/Banks of the Bann: Ibid.
7. A Cowboy’s Life: Eric Lerner (Jones GID Anglo Concertina) American Traditional.
8. The Dicky Birds: Pat Robson (Detmering Bandoneon, whistle & guitar).
9. Andante ala Recoleta: Ibid. Argentine Traditional.
10. A selection of Traditional Irish Jigs and Reels; John Williams (leffries 28-key CIG Anglo Concertina.
11. Hayden Quintet: Frank Butler & Co. (English Concertinas).
12. A Nautical Melody; AIf Edwards & Co. (Bass & Treble English Concertinas).By Philip Green.

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