Sound archive

Jeremy Hague (librarian/archivist) is making available through SoundCloud and the ICA Facebook page other sound files not shown here. There are regularly new additions.

Also in the archive are now some reel-to-reel tapes with Henry Stanley playing in 1955. Hopefully some of them are soon to be heard on the ICA Facebook page.

Concertina & Squeezebox Reader’s Tapes

Some years ago there used to be a superb, if somewhat irregular magazine named Concertina & Squeezebox. One of the ways in which the editor, Joel Cowan, raised funds was by the occasional issue of tapes of reader contributed music. The magazine is, sadly, long gone but by the efforts of Ed Delaney the music on these tapes can be heard again. The quality of the sound varies from poor to good, as you’d expect of such home-produced tapes, but much of the music is excellent from very talented musicians, in some cases no longer with us, so it’s good to hear once again Pat Robson and Hugh Blake, for instance.

Ed also prepared the pages which describe and download the music. The ICA Committee thank Ed for his hard work and his allowing us to host it for him. Just click on the link on the left for hours of good music.