ID Reference Title Class Composer Arranger Instrument
481 T10 Thin Red Line, The Co.
482 T11 Thin Red Line, The Baritone
483 T13 Thin Red Line, The Bass
484 T12 Thin Red Line, The Baritone
485 T14 Thursby Waltz A.Clements Co.
486 T15 Torpille, La – Trio from Air de Ballet F.H.Joseph H.Stanley Co.
487 T16 Tina Tanz Co.
488 T17 Tina Tanz Duet
489 T18 Tina Tanz – accompaniment Piano
490 T19 Tempesta R.Snoeren Co.
491 T20 Thrush, The J.Pridham J.W.Young Co.
492 U1 Until W.Sanderson H.Stanley Co.
493 U2 Until W.Sanderson H.Stanley Duet
494 U3 Unforgotten Melody, The H.Wood H.Stanley Duet
495 U4 Under Freedom’s Flag March F.Nowowieski A.Edwards Co.
496 U5 Under the Bridges of Paris Song V.Scotto H.Stanley Co.
497 U6 Under Freedom’s Flag March F.Nowowieski H.Stanley Co.
498 U7 Untitled Waltz (pub. Enoch and sons) Co + piano
499 V1 Viennise Memories – selection F.Lehar F.Read Co.
500 V2 Village Blacksmith, The J.H.Shackleton Co.
501 V3 Victorious Two-step J.Preet Co.
502 V4 Valse Song F.Reed Co.
503 V5 Veterans of Variety – No 3 H.Stanley Duet
504 V6 Veleta, The Treble + baritone
505 V7 Veterans of Variety – No 2 H.Stanley Duet
506 V8 Veterans of Variety – No 1 H.Stanley Duet
507 V9 Voyage Lyrique – Spain G.Regondi Co.
508 V10 Veterans of Variety – Selection H.Stanley Co.
509 W1 Wilfred Sanderson’s Songs H.Stanley Co.
510 W2 Wedding of the Rose, The Intermezzo L.Jessel H.Stanley Co.
511 W3 War March of the Priests from Athalie Mendelssohn J.H.Shackleton Co.
512 W4 William Tell Overture Rossini J.H.Shackleton Co.
513 W5 Where is your Heart? Song G.Avrie 2Trebles + Bass
514 W6 Whistler and his dog, The Caprice A.Prior H.Stanley Duet
515 W7 When I grow too old to Dream H.Stanley Duet
516 W8 Washington Post March Sousa H.Albino Duet
517 W9 Wedding of the Rose, The Intermezzo L.Jessel H.Stanley Co.
518 W10 We’ll keep a Welcome Song M.Jones H.Stanley Co.
519 W11 Whistling Ploughboy, The F.J.Hutcherson Co.
520 W12 Welsh Airs R.Blagrove Co.
521 W13 William Tell – selection Rossini H.Stanley Co.
522 W14 We’ll keep a welcome Song M.Jones H.Stanley Treble + baritone
523 W15 We’ll keep a welcome-accomp to W14 Song M.Jones Piano
524 W16 White Horse Inn – selection Benaztry and Stolz H.Stanley Co.
525 W17 Water Music – air Handel Treble + baritone
526 W18 Water Music – bouree Handel Treble + baritone
527 W19 Waltz Brahms Co.
528 W20 Wellington March N.Zehle Co.
529 W21 Wellington March N.Zehle Bass
530 Y1 You’ll never walk alone – Carousel Richard Rogers H.Stanley Baritone – accompt
531 Y2 You’ll never walk alone – Carousel Richard Rogers H.Stanley Co.
532 Z1 Zeeland (Concertina) March J.H.Peel Co.
533 Z2 Zampa Overture Herold Treble + piano?
534 Z3 Zampa Overture Herold H.Stanley Duet
535 Z4 Zampa Overure Herold H.Stanley Co.
536 Kazy Pete Intermezzo M.Werner-Kerston H.Stanley Co.
537 L46 Lazy Pete Intermezzo M.Werner-Kerston H.Stanley Co.
538 S66 Schubert’s Serenade F.Schubert H.Stanley Tenor-Treble
539 H24 Handel’s Largo G.F.Handel H.Stanley Tenor-Treble
540 T21 Trumpeter, The J.A.Dix H.Stanley Tenor-Treble
541 A33 Alas! Those Chimes H.Stanley Tenor-treble
542 H25 Humoreske Dvorak H.Stanley Co.
543 I 26 In a Monastery Garden A.W.Ketelby H.Sdtanley Co.
544 T22 Thora H.Stanley Co.
546 B28 Belphegor March E.Brapsand H.Stanley Co.
547 L47 Lost Chord, The Song A.Sullivan H.Stanley Co.
548 I 27 Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo Mascagni H.Stanley Tenor-Treble
549 M38 Merry Widow Waltz, The Waltz Franz Lehar H.Stanley Tenor-treble
550 C35 Colonel Bogey March March H.Stanley Tenor-treble
551 C36 Christmas Fantasia, A Carols etc Various H.Stanley Tenor-treble