ID Reference Title Class Composer Arranger Instrument
421 S15 Spanish Ladies D.Cornell Duet
422 S16 Star of Love M.Ponse H.Stanley Duet
423 S17 Sea Shanties-selection-round the capstan H.Stanley Duet
424 S18 Spring Song Mendelssohn J.H.Shackleton Duet
425 S19 Soldiers’ Chorus – from Faust Gounod E.Rutterford Duet
426 S20 Song of Sleep, A ?.N.Somerset?? H.Stanley Duet
427 S21 Swan Lake Tschaikowsky H.Stanley Duet
428 S22 Serenata E.Toselli H.Stanley Duet
429 S65 Silver Myrtles March C.Ball H.Stanley Tenor-Treble
430 S23 Supreme Sacrifice, The Rev. C. Harris H.Stanley Duet
431 S24 Sweethearts of Yesterday H.Stanley Duet
432 S25 Songs of Germany Various F.E.Butler Duet
433 S26 Spring Song Mendelssohn J.H.Shackleton Duet
434 S27 Salut D’Amour Elgar H.Stanley Duet
435 S28 Sicilian Serenade Herman Lohr H.Stanley Duet
436 S29 Student Prince, The S. Romberg H.Stanley Duet
437 S30 Source, La Delibes H.Stanley Duet
438 S31 Sanctuary of the Heart A. Ketelby H.Stanley Treble + Baritone
439 S32 Symphony in E – Minuet and Trio Mozart H.Stanley Duet
440 S33 Silver Heels N.Moret H.Stanley Duet
441 S34 Side by Side Harry Woods H.Stanley Duet
442 S35 Stephanie Gavotte A. Czibulka H.Albino Duet
443 S36 Some Enchanted Evening R.Rogers H.Stanley Co.
444 S37 Supreme Sacrifice, The Rev. C. Harris H.Stanley Co.
445 S38 Sacred Melodies – Selection R.Fentum Co.
446 S39 Soldiers’ Chorus – Faust C.Gounod J.H.Shackleton Co.
447 S40 Scotch Airs W.H.Birch Jnr Co.
448 S41 Scotch Airs W.H.Birch Jnr Co + piano
449 S42 Serenade B.Molique Co
450 S43 Serenade B.Molique Co + Piano
451 S44 Study in A F.E.Butler Co.
452 S45 Side by Side Harry Woods H.Stanley Co.
453 S46 Sandringham March A.Clements Co.
454 S47 Sonatina A.Clements Co.
455 S48 Saxon March E.Boggetti A.Clements Tenor-treble
456 S49 Sanctuary of the Heart A.W.Ketelby H.Stanley Co.
457 S50 Scotland the Brave H.Stanley Co.
458 S51 Somewhere a voice is calling H.Stanley Co.
459 S52 Song of Songs Moya H.Stanley Co.
460 S53 Sweet and Low H.Stanley Baritone
461 S54 Shepherd’s Hey (morris dance tune) Percy A.Grainger Baritone + other instruments
462 S55 Somewhere a voice is calling H.Stanley Duet
463 S56 Songs of France – autumn G.Gounod Co + piano
464 S57 Six melodies-No.6-“O that my woes….” B.Molique Co.
465 S58 Standard March, The T.R.Ford Co.
466 S59 Air-based on Schubert’s Sonata in Bb F.E.Butler/Schubert F.E.Butler Co.
467 S60 Send out thy Light – for organ? C.Gounod Trio? (T+B+B?)
468 S61 Song without Words E.German H.Stanley Co.
469 S62 Swedish Rhapsody H.Alfren H.Stanley Tenor-treble
470 S63 Song Schumann H.Stanley Duet
471 S64 Sons of the Brave Thos.Bidgood H.Stanley Duet
472 T1 Two Roses, The Werner H.Stanley Co.
473 T2 Three D.Gs, The March S.Clark H.Stanley Duet
474 T3 Traviata, La – Prelude Verdi H.Stanley Duet
475 T4 Traumerei – ‘Dreaming’ Schumann H.Stanley Duet
476 T5 Tales from the Vienna Woods Strauss H.Stanley Duet
477 T6 Trumpet Voluntary H.Purcell H.Stanley Duet
478 T7 Tulips from Amsterdam R.Arne H.Stanley Co.
479 T8 Tannhauser – selection Wagner H.Stanley Co.
480 T9 Thin Red Line, The Co. Treble