ID Reference Title Class Composer Arranger Instrument
301 M21 Merrie Widow Waltz Franz Lehar H.Stanley Treble + Baritone
302 M22 Miscellany H.Stanley Duet
303 M23 Musical Fragments Various W.H.Birch Co+Piano
305 M24 Marche aux Flameaux S.Clarke H.Stanley Duet
306 M25 Memories Waltz W.J.Poynter Duet
307 M26 My ain Folk Song L.G.Lemon H.Stanley Duet
308 M27 Melody in F A.Rubenstein H.Stanley Duet
309 M28 Music Hall Memories – Selection H.Stanley Duet
310 M29 Mary Poppins – Selection R and R Sherman? H.Stanley Duet
311 M30 Middy March (The) K.J.Alford H.Stanley Duet
312 M31 Melody by Himmel H.Stanley Duet
313 M32 Morning – Peer Gynt Suite E.Grieg H.Stanley Duet
314 M33 Moment Musical F.Schubert H.Stanley Co.
315 M34 My Love is like a Red, Red Rose. H.Stanley Co.
316 M35 Martha – Airs from. Floton G.Case Co.
317 M36 Mighty lak’ a Rose Co.
318 M37 Mon Reve Waldteufel H.Stanley Co.
319 N1 Neopolitan Serenades G.Winkler H.Stanley Co.
320 N2 National Airs of the Allies J.H.Shackleton Co.
321 N3 Nocturne for English Concertina S.Jackman Co.
322 N4 Narcissus (also Meditation on this page E.Nevin H.Stanley Co.
323 N5 New Colonial, The March R.B.Hall H.Stanley Treble + baritone
324 N6 Nautical Selection (A) H.Stanley Duet
325 N7 Nimrod – Enigma Variations E.Elgar H.Stanley Duet
326 N8 Nocturne – Midsummers Night’s Dream Mendelssohn H.Stanley Duet
327 N9 Now is the Hour. Maori song of farewell C.Scott H.Stanley Duet
328 N10 Nimrod – Enigma Variations E.Elgar F.E.Butler Concertina quartet
329 N11 Nun’s Chorus Baritone part only
330 N12 Nocturne – Premier W.V.Wallace G.Regondi Co.
331 N13 Nocturne – Premier W.V.Wallace G.Regondi Co+Piano
332 N14 Nazareth Sacred Song G.Gounod Co+Piano
333 N15 Nimrod – Enigma Variations E.Elgar F.E.Butler Co.
334 N16 Nazareth G.Gounod 3 treble? concertinas?
335 O1 Officer of the Day March March R.B.Hall H.Stanley Co.
336 O2 Old Favourites S.Childley Co.
337 O3 Ora Pro Nobis M.Piccolomini A.Clements Co.
338 O4 Orpheus in the Underworld Overture Offenbach H.Stanley Co.
339 O5 Old Time Waltzes – Medley -Part 2 Medley H.Stanley Treble + Baritone
341 O6 On Wings of Song F.Mendelssohn H.Stanley Co.
342 O7 One day when we were young. Song Strauss H.Stanley Co.
343 O8 O Star of Eve – from Tannhauser Wagner J.H.Shackelton Co.
344 O9 On the Quarter Deck K.J.Alford H.Stanley Duet
345 O10 Olive Blossoms Waltz Frosini H.Stanley Duet
346 O11 O Star of Eve – from Tannhauser Wagner E.Rutterford Duet
347 O12 On the Go A.Prince A.Prince Duet
348 O13 Old Time Waltzes – medley No.1 H.Stanley Duet
349 O14 Old Time Waltzes – medley Part 1 H.Stanley Treble + Baritone
350 O15 Old Pi-anna Rag D.Phillips H.Stanley Duet
351 O16 Old Time Dances – Medley H.Stanley Co.
352 O17 One Sweetly Solemn Thought F.E.Butler? Baritone
353 O18 Old Time Selection – No2 F.E.Butler? Co.
354 O19 Old Time Waltzes Duet
355 O20 On the Rink – La Rinna – Round Dance Treble + Baritone?
356 P1 Preciosa – March Weber H.Stanley Co.
357 P2 Playbox Intermezzo F.G.Charrosin H.Stanley Co.
358 P3 Pilgrim’s Chorus from Tannhauser R.Wagner E.Rutterford Co.
359 P4 Pilgrim’s Chorus from Tannhauser R.Wagner E.Rutterford Co.
360 P5 Pilgrim’s Chorus from Tannhauser R.Wagner E.Rutterford Co + Piano