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PICA Volume 1, 2004

January 1, 2004

Notes: CONTENTS Volume 1, 2004 EDITORIAL NOTE: ALLAN W. ATLAS ARTICLES Some Notes on Lachenal Concertina Production and Serial Numbers by STEPHEN CHAMBERS p.3 Frank Butler: An Interview by RICHARD CARLIN p.24 HISTORICAL DOCUMENT Mayhew’s ‘Concertina Player on the Steamboats’ p.31 Introductory Note by ALLAN W. ATLAS PICTURE GALLERY Barbara Bartell and her Golden Edeophone p.38 Introductory Note by CHRIS ALGAR BRIEFLY NOTED Two New Concertinas at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York by J. KENNETH MOORE p.41 REVIEWS Books Conquering the Concertina: A Comprehensive Guide to the English Concertina, by Les Branchett p.44 The Concise English Concertina: A Tutor, by Dick Miles p.44 Reviewed by RACHEL HALL Recordings Wake the Vaulted Echoes, Peter Bellamy p.47 Black Boxes, Sarah Graves p.47 A Touch of Clare, Kitty Hayes p.47 Concertina Tutorial, Niall Vallely (CD Rom) Reviewed by ROGER DIGBY The Music of Dickens and his Time, Seven Dials Band, Dave Townsend, concertina p.52 Reviewed by ALLAN W. ATLAS CONTRIBUTORS p.58
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