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PICA Volume 2, 2005

January 1, 2005

Notes: CONTENTS Volume 2, 2005 ARTICLES Marie Lachenal: Concertinist by FAYE DEBENHAM and RANDALL C. MERRIS p.1 The Black Concertina Tradition of South Africa: A Brief Outline by HARRY SCURFIELD p.18 Reed Cavity Design and Resonance by TOM TONON p.30 The Matusewitch Family: An Annotated Bibliography by ERIC MATUSEWITCH p.52 HISTORICAL DOCUMENT George Grove's Article on the 'Concertina' in the First Edition of A Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1878) Introductory Note by ALLAN ATLAS p.60 PICTURE GALLERY Two Salvation Army Concertina Bands Introductory Note by CHRIS ALGAR p.65 REVIEW ESSAY Concertinas at Bradfield; This Label is Not Removable; Ghosts and Lovers; The Lewes Favourites p.68 Reviewed by ROGER DIGBY ANNOUNCEMENTS p.75 CONTRIBUTORS p.76
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