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PICA Volume 4, 2007

January 1, 2007

Notes: CONTENTS Volume 4, 2007 ARTICLES Section 1 Dutch Daly: Comedy and Concertinas on the Variety Stage by Randall C. Merris. p.1 Section 2 Joseph Astley, Oldham Concertina Band and the MHJ Shield by Stephen Chambers. p.27 Section 3 David Edward Hughes: Concertinist and Inventor by Dan Worrall. p.41 Historical document: George Bernard Shaw on the Concertina. p.51 Section 4 Reviews: Juliette et le Concertina: Juliette Daum, English concertina (treble and baritone). p.58 Giulio Regondi (1823-1872): Souvenir d’amitié, Compositions for concertina and baritone concertina: Helmut C. Jacobs, accordion. p.60 New Dogs, Old Tricks: Rob Harbron (English concertina, guitar, vocals) and Emma Reid (fiddle). p.63 Section 5 Communications: Göran Rahm; Les Branchett. p.64-66 Section 6 Briefly noted: English International. p.68 Section 7 Contributors. p.69
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