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PICA Volume 6, 2009

January 1, 2009

Notes: p. 1 Rich Morse (1952-2009) REBECCA HOLLINGSWORTH ARTICLES p. 3 Gordon Haxton and Peter Donald: English Concertina Players From the Mission Halls of Glasgow FRANCES WILKINS p.17 Carlo Minasi: Composer, Arranger, and Teacher, Concertina and Piano RANDALL C. MERRIS PICTURE GALLERY p.46 The Brothers Webb and their Personalized Concertinas INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY GÖRAN RAHM HISTORICAL DOCUMENT p.50 Lachenal & Company Partnership in 1888 Introductory Note by WES WILLIAMS REVIEWS ESSAYS p.52 Paddy Murphy: In Good Hands JAMES R. COWDERY p.54 The Devil’s World JODY KRUSKAL p.57 Concertina Scape: Contemporary Music for Wheatstone’s Concertina, 1985-2004 ALLAN ATLAS COMMUNICATIONS p.62 GÖRAN RAHM p.64 CONTRIBUTORS
About: Papers of the International Concertina Association
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