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PICA Volume 7, 2010

January 1, 2010

Notes: CONTENTS Volume 7, 2010 ARTICLES p. 1 Geoff Crabb on Family and Concertinas ROGER DIGBY p.20 Notes on the Lachenal Sisters, Richard Blagrove, Ellen Attwater, Linda Scates, and ‘Dickens’ RANDALL C. MERRIS PICTURE GALLERY p.29 The Concertina in Victorian Global Pop Culture INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY DAN WORRALL HISTORICAL DOCUMENT p.35 Ralph Vaughan Williams and the Concertina INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY ALLAN ATLAS REVIEWS p.37 The Anglo-German Concertina: A Social History REVIEWED BY GRAEME SMITH p.42 Marches & Tunes, Hawkwood Concertina Band REVIEWED BY RACHEL WELLS HALL p.45 CONTRIBUTORS
About: Papers of the International Concertina Association
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