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PICA Volume 8, 2011

January 1, 2011

Notes: CONTENTS Volume 8, 2011 ARTICLES The English Concertina as an Instrument of Science p.1 ANNA GAWBOY Frederick W. Bridgman and the Concertina p.19 RANDALL C. MERRIS PICTURE GALLERY Concertinas in Blackface p.30 INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY RICHARD CARLIN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT Adverts in The Times: January 1855 p.33 INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY ALLAN ATLAS REVIEWS A Victorian Romance: Music for the English Concertina, p.37 Joseph Petric, accordion REVIEWED BY WIM WAKKER Musicfrom Sliabh Luachra, Jackie Daly, Anglo concertina and accordion p.39 Steel Skies, Alistair Anderson, English concertina REVIEWED BY SARAH GRAVES God Speed the Plough, John Kirkpatrick, Anglo concertina and melodeon p.40 REVIEWED BY ROGER DIGBY CONTRIBUTORS p.42
About: Papers of the International Concertina Association
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