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PICA Volume 10, 2013 - 2015

January 1, 2015

Notes: CONTENTS p. 1 The Wheatstone Concertina and Symmetrical Arrangements of Tonal Space ANNA GAWBOY p.35 George Case and the English Concertina CHRIS FLINT and RANDALL C. MERRIC PICTURE GALLERY p.69 London 1853: On the Fringes of “Concertinadom,” or: Seven non-“Wannabe” Concertinists INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY ALLAN ATLAS HISTORICAL DOCUMENT P.74 Giulio Regondi and Princess Victoria INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY ALLAN ATLAS REVIEW-ESSAYS p.76 Na Fir Bolg; Blyde Lassies; Audio Recordings at ”The Concertina History Resource” REVIEWED BY ROGER DIGBY p.81 Anglo Concertina in Harmonic Style, BY GARY COOVER REVIEWED BY DOUGLAS CREIGHTON p.83 CONTRIBUTORS
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