The Reuben Shaw Archive

The items shown on this index were presented to the International Concertina Association in July 2002 by Reuben Shaw.

Reuben was a fine player of both Duet and English systems, and was interested in Concertinas for many years, as these items show.

Reuben Shaw died on 15 December 2005.

Advertising material

RS001 : Programme for a Concertina Band Contest, Manchester, 1922
RS002 : Publicity Brochure for Gregory Matusewitch
RS003 : Photograph of Harry Minting


RS004 : Letter from World Accordion Review Magazine giving address for Henry Stanley
RS005 : Letter from Clevoner to J. A. Travers of Bridgewater
RS006 : Letters from Frank Butler
RS007 : Letter from John O’Mahony
RS008 : Letters from W. C. Smith of Nottingham
RS009 : Letter from J A Travers of Bridgewater,Somerset.

Documents and articles

RS010 : Article on Reuben Shaw from Concertina and Squeezebox
RS011 : ICA Membership Card from 1957
RS012 : Reuben Shaw and Son Reuben; Photo c.1950
RS013 : Reuben Shaw; Photos c.1998

Newspaper cuttings

RS014 : Obituary for Percy Honri
RS015 : Reuben Shaw; Press Cutting 1996


RS016 : Busson’s Patent; No. 2630 of 1853
RS017 : William Wheatstone’s Patent; No. 4994 of 1824

Reuben Shaw
Reuben Shaw