The ICA Newsletter Archive

This archive contains newsletters of the Association.

Newsletter Editors

  • Frank Butler, 1956, 1959 – 1967
  • Len Jones, 1957 – 1958
  • Ruth Ware, 1968 – 1976
  • Elizabeth Palley, 1976 – 1977
  • Jim Harvey, ICA Secretary (2 issues in 1977)
  • Howard Rosenblum, 1977 – 1984, 1990 – 1991
  • Colin Turner, 1984 -1986
  • Alan Dyer, 1986 – 1990
  • Charlotte Oliver, 1991 – 1994
  • Gill Noppen-Spacie, 1994 – 2006
  • Pauline de Snoo, 2007 – July 2019
  • Peter Rowlstone, 2019-

Since 1952, the ICA has published over 460 Newsletters which gradually changed into the magazine it is now, Concertina World. Earlier issues consisted mainly of one or two sparsely typed foolscap size sheets, gradually growing into the current issues of over 40 A5 pages plus a Music Supplement.

The collection is almost complete from 1967. Newsletters from No 400 upwards are not included in this collection, and are available to ICA Members as originals, while stocks last.

From 2007 the Newsletter continued as a magazine of the ICA and is published under the name Concertina World.
See Concertina World for further information.

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ICA Newsletters over 35 years old from the collection are available to view here. All Newsletters are copyright the ICA ©2004 and may not be reproduced without permission. Limited quoting of material is permitted if accompanied by acknowledgement of source.

Editor: Len Jones

Editor: Frank Butler

Frank Butler with Eileen Jones, a fellow concertina player. Eileen frequently wrote letters to the newsletter, see No.379 p.5, for example.

Editor: Ruth Ware

Editor: Elizabeth Palley

Editor: Jim Harvey

Editor: Howard Rosenblum

Editor: Colin Turner

Editor: Alan Dyer

Newsletter 366, January 1990

Editor: Howard Rosenblum

Editor: Charlotte Oliver

Editor: Gill Noppen-Spacie