The ICA Document Archive

Over 170 years of the Concertina and 60 years of the ICA, from 1952 to present.

About the Document Archive

Founded in November 2001, the International Concertina Association Document Archive is continuously being expanded and updated with concertina related material. Rather than form a collection of items, the philosophy of the Archive is to collect scans of documents and photographs, and make these available as PDF format files. Many of these files have been processed to contain text representations of the originals, rather than pure images, which allows easier searching of contents. Donations of (copies of)  items are always very welcome.

Jeremy Hague has recently received a cup and papers from Reuben Shaw. Jeremy has made two photo albums including all the photos in the library and the Wheatstone catalogues which people enjoyed to look at, at the ‘open day of the library on 28 April 2012. On the ICA facebook page – and maybe a book one day – (work being done on that now)-  more is visible to both ICA members and non members.

The Archive is divided into five areas, with two areas containing major collections of individual members. Click on any of the links in the left menu to go to that section of this page or go to the Facebook page of the ICA.

The Librarian: Jeremy Hague