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Russian AirMichel van der Meiren4824July 2020
Buona NotteMichel van der Meiren4825July 2020
Sicilian AirMichel van der Meiren4826July 2020
Bohemian MelodyMichel van der Meiren4827July 2020
Rousseau’s DreamMichel van der Meiren4828July 2020
Agincourt CarolHenry V, 1415Michel van der Meiren4829July 2020
Branle des chevauxT. ArbeauMichel van der Meiren48210July 2020
CouragieTrad. NetherlandsMichel van der Meiren48211July 2020
Da Stocklit LightTom AndersonMichel van der Meiren48212July 2020
Eleanor PlunkettO’CarolanMichel van der Meiren48213July 2020
Hole in the WallPlayfordMichel van der Meiren48214July 2020
Jack’s MaggotPlayfordMichel van der Meiren48215July 2020
In Flander’s FieldsBarry TaylorMichel van der Meiren48216July 2020
Mazurka WinkseleColl. H. BooneMichel van der Meiren48218July 2020
Mr Beveridge’s MaggotPlayfordMichel van der Meiren48219July 2020
Sabotière de NonceveuxTrad. WallonieMichel van der Meiren48220July 2020
WalsjeTrad. NetherlandsMichel van der Meiren48221July 2020
Marche van de BegijnenGruytters 120Michel van der Meiren48222July 2020
Tullochgorum4832October 2020
Loudon’s Bonnie Woods and Braes4832October 2020
Lady Montgomery’s Reel4832October 2020
Mrs McLeod4832October 2020
Nae Luck About the House4832October 2020
Money Musk4832October 2020
Lady Sutherland’s Reel4833October 2020
Loch Erroch Side4833October 2020
I’ll Gang Nae Mair To4833October 2020
Miss Johnson’s Reel4833October 2020
Lord McDonald’s Reel4833October 2020
Calder Fair4833October 2020
Sir David Hunter Blair’s Reel4833October 2020
Lady Charlotte Campbell’s Strathspey4833October 2020
The Lagg One-Step “Hong Kong”V Holstein & Saunders4834October 2020
Nocturne from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”Mendelssohn4835October 2020
EcstasySydney Baynes4836October 2020
Fox Trot “Hors D’Ouvre”David Corner4838October 2020
The Last FlowerNigel Harbron4841December 2020
RondeauMarin Marais (1656-1728)4842December 2020
CouranteMichael Praetorius (1571-1621)Steve Goodyear4843December 2020
AlmanWilliam Brade (1560-1630)Steve Goodyear4844December 2020
The DukeMichael Praetorius (1571-1621)Steve Goodyear4845December 2020
Auld Lang Syne4846December 2020
Good King Wenceslas4846December 2020
O Come All Ye Faithful4846December 2020
The First Newell4847December 2020
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing4847December 2020
While Shepherds Watched4847December 2020
March in EbTheo Bonheur4848December 2020