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Fancy visiting the world’s largest collection of concertina music?


When? It will be the afternoon of the 28th April., 2012.

So, if you would like to spend an afternoon playing music in the company of George Case, Richard Blagrove, Guilio Regondi, Jospeh Warren and Henry Stanley please feel to come along to Jeremy’s home in Nottingham, UK (just off the M1). We’ll even found out which famous arranger of music for the concertina is in the Guinness book of World Records and why!

Places will be limited, but we will squeeze in as many as we can. We’ll also have a bring and share tea, so there will be no need to rush off. Please email, for further details or to book a place.

Blyde Lasses Media Release march 2012

The duo’s name means ‘glad girls’ in Shetland dialect, though Blyde Lasses have direct links to England. Fiddle player Claire White explains ‘I have family in Bristol, and we’re excited about sharing our songs and tunes with people who may not have heard Shetland music before.’ Concertina player Frances Wilkins adds ‘We include lots of stories in our performances and hope they are a little window into life in the northern isles of Scotland.’

More information and tour dates:

RE:ACTIONS or thinking inside the box


“This ‘piece’ grew out of my interest in the internal workings of concertinas and the thoughts that knowing a bit more about who used what action may help to identify a concertina with no label. The pdf below is available for downloading it contains an appendix (i) which has photos of all the actions that I have located. There is also a sort of table detailing both the earliest and latest serial numbers of which I am currently aware. My hope is that anyone who can add to this information will contact me with information/photos which I will then incorporate into revisions.” _ Chris Flint


Calling All UK and Overseas Regional Concertina Groups!

2012 is the 60th Anniversary of the ICA’s founding, as well as the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The ICA Committee is planning a number of initiatives to celebrate its own Diamond Jubilee, but also wants to take advantage of the opportunity of this important anniversary to bring the concertina to a wider public and raise the profile of the Association. If your regional group is planning any special events in 2012 the ICA would like to help! Partial sponsorship or other support could be available for events designed to bring the concertina to a new public or to bring new players, and especially young people, to the concertina. What we ask for in return is acknowledgement in all publicity material of the ICA’s support. If you’re interested please contact to discuss your ideas further. Please note that the ICA can only support specific events, not regular (e.g. monthly) club meetings.

Concertina master class in February – Miltown Malbay


Oidhreacht an Chláir was launched in 2003 with the aim of conserving and promoting the traditional arts in their native environment. Based at its permanent headquarters, Áras OaC in Miltown Malbay Co. Clare, our fully refurbished residence is next door to the one-time home of the renowned uillean piper, Willie Clancy (1918-1973). Miltown is the venue for the annual Summer School dedicated to his memory.

OaC Master Classes in Traditional Music Series

Oidhreacht an Chláir is promoting a new major initiative: a master class series in Irish Traditional music, which will start off with master musician Noel Hill’s Concertina master class on the weekend of 3rd, 4th and 5th of February, 2012, at Āras OaC, Flag Rd, Miltown Malbay, Co Clare. This is an intensive course aimed at the advanced and advanced-intermediate student, with a concentration on style, phrasing and fingering technique. Places on the course are limited and early booking is essential. The fee of €150 includes tuition, free admission to the Noel Hill concert on Friday 3rd, and lunch on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th.

More info and registration:

Wanted Alive

The following members have paid their subscription for 2011 but did not provide address details and so have not received any benefit from their membership of the ICA. If you know any of them can you please ask them to contact the Membership Secretary preferably by email at: or by post ASAP.

  • Kathryn Cottrill
  • Mr. Dennis
  • H.J. Fletcher
  • John Gent
  • James Jasutis
  • Lloyd Ryan (Ryan Lloyd?)
  • I And J Stevens
  • Derek Wheeler

Martin Henshaw (Membership Secretary)

Tunes for Christmas

We published some Christmas Carols from the I.C.A. library in 2009.

And this year, I’ve added some tunes from an 18th century manuscript from Antwerp, transcribed for Treble and Baritone. They should fit the Christmas mood very well, provided you do play them at a solemn pace. In absence of a treble concertina, pick any other melody instrument for the 1st voice. The tunes also sound well just playing the 1st voice alone.


Download the sheet music

Concertina Museum Collection Website

The collection also contains Charles Wheatstone’s own research items, many related instruments, early music and tutors, together with over 4000 original prints, postcards, photographs and written data about the instrument, its players, bands and its role during the past two centuries of musical culture. The new web site is designed to be an open-access database that is of easy access and should encourage and assist research upon all matters pertaining to the concertina and its history.

The XML-based web site was created by Wes Williams, the noted concertina researcher and designer of many instrument research sites, and benefits greatly from the research of Chris Flint, the genealogist of many of the early Victorian concertina makers. Neil’s first collection was transferred to The Horniman Museum in 1996, and his Free Reed record label, (which started in the ‘70s as a concertina music label!) now features definitive box-sets of leading folk musicians.
Neil, Wes and Chris hope to liaise closely with both the Horniman Museum’s Wayne Collection, and that of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (with whom Neil has collaborated on concertina research), and other Collections around the world, in order to add links to their collections of related instruments to the Concertina Museum web site.