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1st Zoom Committee Meeting

Your committee – sans Paul Walker

The first ICA Committee meeting to be held by Zoom was held on 1 July 2020.

Here we all are, looking our photogenic best.

Paul Walker was unable to attend, but from the top we have:

  • Roger Gawley (Vice Chair/Secretary) – Colin Whyles (Webmaster/Sound Library) – Tracy Tye (plus friend)
  • Gill Noppen-Spacie – Martin Henshaw (Membership) – Peter Rowlstone (Editor Concertina World)
  • Paul McCann (Chair/Treasurer) – Graham Heffernan – Jeremy Hague (Librarian/Archivist)

The meeting was very successful, and much improved for being able to see each other. Minutes will appear in due course.

Colin Whyles

Michel Van Der Meiren

Michel Van der Meiren

Michel Van der Meiren

We greatly regret having to announce the death of Michel Van Der Meiren, the ICA webmaster.

Michel died suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack on March 24th 2020.

It was not coronavirus related.

Many ICA members will remember Michel from the Swaledale Squeeze where he was an enthusiastic participant.

A full obituary will appear in the next Concertina World.

No funeral arrangements are known at present. There is a website for condolences:

Here are Michel, Pauline Snoo and Jeremy Hague playing Michel’s arrangements at Pauline’s house some years ago.

Jeremy, Michel and Pauline playing trio arrangements

This year’s Swaledale Squeeze cancelled

We’re sorry, but you probably won’t be surprised …

We have decided that given the current situation with covid-19, it would be very unwise to run the Swaledale Squeeze this year. The potential risks to participants and people that we know seem to be too great.We have held back from opening bookings for the last couple of weeks to see how the situation develops, and we have now decided not to open them. Obviously people might have booked accommodation etc, and we’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Perhaps you would like to visit Swaledale anyway to support the community in the beautiful location that we make our home for a weekend every year. We will be using some of our reserves to pay the guest tutors in part, to try to help with their loss of earnings.

We’ll send the dates of next year’s squeeze and keep you posted with that.

Until then, I hope you stay safe and well.

Steven Bradley