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A video jukebox curated by Paul Walker

Internet Video Jukebox 17 with Paul Walker

Boerejol – Die Ventertjies, Kosie Beukes & Kannie Warries an electric band featuring a young anglo player. Boer music exemplary.

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Internet Video Jukebox 16 with Paul Walker

Prof. MacCann – A Frangesa March (Concertina Solo, 1901. The first successful design for a Duet concertina was patented in 1884 by a young performer, “Professor” John Hill MacCann, who is most likely the person playing here.

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Internet Video Jukebox 15 with Paul Walker

Still seasonal perhaps because of the snow?! – O Little Town of Bethlehem – Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Bass Anglo Concertina – from the new generation of Anglo players.

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Internet Video Jukebox 14 with Paul Walker

Many thanks to reader Steve Taggart who has found a trio of unusual concertina-related clips:
Cicco Camelio on Clarinet and Foley Fettucini on Concertina Concertina qui pleure, clarinette qui rit, paris qui dort (2/2)
Music experiment with the 16mm silent movie “Paris qui dort” (France, 1925), also known as “Le rayon de la mort invisible” featuring experimental random rumours by the incredible randolfinarium and linacinemarinio show.

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Internet Video Jukebox 13 with Paul Walker

Mohsen Amini – lightning fast & young; BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2016-The final set of tunes prize-winning performance

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