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A video jukebox curated by Paul Walker

Internet Video Jukebox 25 – September 2020

Curated by Paul Walker

Full marks to ICA member down under, James Dangarfield who alerted me to the Homebaked Concertina Australia 2020 concert number 1:

George Bolliger playing The Mudgee Waltz,
Bruce and Ross Kurtz playing the Fred Holland’s Schottische,
Ciaran O’Grady playing an unknown tune,
Millie and Tristen White playing Blue River Waltz,
Rod and Maria Thompson playing She Moved Through the Fair,
Trevor Trotter playing Stains Morris and The Bear Dance.

Great to hear George Bollinger playing the “Mudgee Waltz.”

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Internet Video Jukebox 22 with Paul Walker


        Curated by Paul Walker

Steve Taggart (concertina enthusiast extraordinaire) has unearthed lots of musical  goodies for us this month (enabling me to put my feet up!).

He writes:
“Paul, here’s a beautiful little waltz by Frederic Paris who, l believe, composed that other great tune “Le Canal en Octobre”: (Webmaster: Yes, indeed he did)

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