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The magazine of the ICA

Concertina Wold 466, June 2016


1 Index
2 Editorial
3 Virtual Folk Club 4
7 Internet Jukebox 7
9 About “double bass” concertinas
11 Arran Concertina Event 2016
12 Obituary Denis Slater
13 review Greg Trice Tunebook
14 AGM minutes 2016
29 WCCP agenda
30 Regional groups with regular meetings

Center magazine: removable A4 szie pages with tunes.


Alistair Anderson (tunes), Pauline de Snoo, Johan de With, Roger Gawley,Helen Graham, Pete Mac, Paul McCann, Paul Walker.

Photo Cover: Martin Henshaw; The Alex Wade workshop presentation, Swaledale May 2016. Photos inside back cover also by Martin Henshaw.

Concertina World 465, March 2016


1 Index
2 Editorial
3 AGM 2016 details/officer’s reports
13 J25
14 Internet Jukebox 7
15 Interview Bill Crossland
21 Virtual Folkclub 3

24 Brian Peter’s squeezebox
25 The search for five fingered Frank
27 Rob Harbron’s “Flock and Fly”
29 Duets for concertina and/or violin

31 several

Concertina playing technique:
32 Victorian Fingering on the English Concertina

Center magazine full colour Concertina photoshoot by Stephen Walker except for the Laser Cutter, 1, 2 and 3 by Bill Crossland. Continue reading

Concertina World 463 plus Supplement


1 Index
2 Editorial
3 Sidmouth Music Week and J25 Concertina Band
5 Internet Video Jukebox
6 Peter Jones; Recollections
17 Email to the editor
19 Virtual Folkclub
22 11th Squeezeast at Stamford
23 In Memoriam Bob Bellas and Jim Briggs

Center magazine 8 pages music supplement; contributed by Randy Stein and Gerson Antunes.


Pauline de Snoo, Roger Gawley, Sally George, Patrick Gilbert, Martin Henshaw, Peter Jones, Dick Miles and Paul Walker.

Supplement to CW 463 “Bellows” by Eric Matusewitch (48 pages)