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Mick Bramich has sent us a piece of animation that he composed the music for. Here’s what he said:

“A few years ago, about 2012/13, I was commissioned to devise a piece of music to accompany an animated short for a student at Plymouth University. The animator’s name is Jack Hague but I have not be able to trace him. As there is no copyright attached to the film, I thought it may be of use to you as an example of stretching the versatility of the instrument”.

Editor’s note: This is best watched full screen. Press ‘f’.

Concertina World 478 – June 2019


1 Index  
2 Editorial  
3 Introduction new editors  
4 Minutes Annual General Meeting 2019 
10 Internet Video Jukebox 20 
12 cd reviews 
16 Halsway Manor 2019 reports of a concertina weekend 
21 Raphael Alexandrovich Sonnenberg: Concertina Virtuoso 
31 Raymond Chase: “Wizard of the Concertina” 
38 Jon McNamara Obituary 
40 Remembering Michael Perry

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Concertina World 477 – March 2019


1 Index
2 Editorial
3 Chairman Committee 
4 Annual General Meeting ICA  
5 Internet Video Jukebox 18  
7 The Concertina goes to the movies 
23 cd review 
26 Highs and lows of concertina playing 
30 London Borough English Traditional music session
31 Banding together winter weekend 
33 Remote learning of the concertina 
34 Concert in USA 
35 Book Review: The Ocean State  Songster 
38 Tunes from The Ocean Songster 
40 The Road to Peterloo 
41 Hawkwood Concertina Band 
42 Phil Hopkinson Obituary 
43 ICA AGM Agenda 2019 
44 New members in 2019

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