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ICA Membership and other registrations

Confusing as it may be, joining the ICA does not immediately give access to the members-only area of this website, The membership database is quite separate from the website, and not all members want or need an account on the website.

To add to the confusion, we also have a Register for logging member’s concertinas, which we hope will be useful in cases of theft or other insurance claims.

Hence there are several uses of the word ‘register’ on this site that may be leading to confusion.

There are ways of joining the ICA from here, ways of registering for an account on the site as well as a means of adding your instruments to the Concertina Register.

These are three separate things. If you wish to access the members-only items, you need to fulfil both membership and register separately on the website.

English Concertina on iPod in Art Project “The Spirit of Hope”.

This exhibition took place in Park Szilassy in Bex-les-Bains, Switzerland from 12/06/2011 to 25/09/2011.

English Concertina on iPod in “Spirit of Hope”

Visitors of the exhibition could borrow a headphone with an iPod at the entrance to the exhibition. You can walk through the park, look at the works of the other artists and listen to the history of Lady Louisa Hope and the English Concertina, but also to the concertina music of that period, specially recorded for this occasion by Pauline de Snoo.