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Contents Concertina World 444, December 2009

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 2 Editorial
 3 A bit of Victorian Humor
 7 Interview Iris Bishop
11 Durham Summerschool
12 Hawkwood Concertina, the Making of
13 Cd review
16 Poem
17 Ramble 6
20 Whitby review
23 Concertina Ergonomics
28 Web’s Wonders
30 My University Music Course
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48 Survey
49 In memoriam David Lee
50 Concertinas for sale and wanted

Contents Concertina World 443, June 2009

 1 Index                                                                            
 2 Editorial                                   
 3 The chairman’s view
 5 Ricardo Teruel
 8 Kilve weekend  
12 German Concertina Weekend   
13 Repair Corner
14 Cd review
15 Anglo History Musings
20 Don’t squeeze alone
22 Music for Carol Concerts
23 Swaledale Squeeze
25 Rita Cavanagh
27 Web’s Wonders
28 My University Music Course
30 Errata
31 Concertina Ergonomics
36 Letters to the editor

Contents Concertina World 442, March 2009

 1 Index                
 2 Editorial  
 3 Words from the chairman
 5 Interview Michael Hebbert
 6 Hawkwood Concertina Band  
10 Repair Corner  
13 Cd review
15 2009 An Anniversary Year
18 Cd reviews
20 Ramble 5
22 Concertina Ergonomics 5
28 Carol Concert in Ampthill
29 Lewes Arms Folk Club
30 My University Music Course
31 Swaledale Squeeze
32 Web’s Wonders
34 Concertina Chat
37 Letters to the editor

Viva Regondi!

Briefly Noted

Viva Regondi!

On Friday, 17 March 2006, the Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments at The Graduate School of The City University of New York presented a concert entitled Viva Regondi, likely the first all-Regondi concert in ‘modern’ times.

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Don’t squeeze alone


The ICA has an extensive library, available to members, and a lively quarterly newsletter, “Concertina World” acts as the mouthpiece for the members. Contributions are welcomed (the editor would love to hear from you).

Various concertina-related events have been sponsored by the ICA, including Concertinas at Witney, Kilve Weekend, the Swaledale Squeeze, and the gathering in the nostalgic setting of the Mexborough Concertina Band Club. Individual young players are also sponsored, via bursary awards towards tuition at Concertinas at Witney and the Durham Folkworks Summer School, and a grant to the Hope Valley Squeezebox Project aimed at encouraging the future generation of concertina players to take part in a structured learning activity.

We have an Internet mailing list exclusively for members of the ICA and, of course, this web site. Most of the mainland UK is within 2-3 hours drive of a regular meeting for players — the ICA can help you find one near your home! Several key folk festivals offer concertina workshops. So why not join us now and find out more about concertina events?


A small number of advertisements were included in PICA as a service to Concertina Players, the ICA membership and the people and players who gave their time and knowledge to create this publication. The advertisements appear below in the same order as they appeared in PICA.

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