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Eastern North American Online Concertina Concert

Judy Minot and Randy Stein

Judy Minot and Randy Stein

Randy Stein

Randy Stein

Randy Stein

Randy Stein

Randy Stein, Judy Minot and Jim Besser

Randy Stein, Judy Minot and Jim Besser

In addition to the Eastern North American Online Concertina Concert (ENAOCC) that has been put together, Randy Stein has working with some bandmates on a project to video their performances. He decided to expand the project to include additional selections of jazz, classical, traditional, and popular standards which he had arranged for solo English Concertina.

All to be seen on World Concertina Day 6 February 2022 starting at Noon EST/5.00PM GMT.

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World Concertina Day International Concert

Iris Bishop, John Kirkpatrick, Rob Harbron, Qasadi & Maqhinga, Paul McCann

Iris Bishop, John Kirkpatrick, Rob Harbron, Qasadi & Maqhinga, Paul McCann

Musik Bohmer, Louis Brink, Riggy Rackin, Caitlín nic Gabhann

Musik Bohmer, Louis Brink, Riggy Rackin, Caitlín nic Gabhann

Wim Wakker, Michael Hebbert, David Gardiner

Wim Wakker, Michael Hebbert, David Gardiner

J25 Concertina Band, Jody Kruskal

J25 Concertina Band, Jody Kruskal

Alistair Anderson,Danny Chapman, UK Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Alistair Anderson,Danny Chapman, UK Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Didie Sendra, Ivan Coa Apaza, Janet Dows, Geoff Lakeman

Didie Sendra, Ivan Coa Apaza, Janet Dows, Geoff Lakeman

Video concert will be available for viewing starting on February 6! Part 1 will become available at 8 am GMT, Part 2 at 2 pm GMT and Part 3 at 8 pm GMT.  All three parts will be permanently available to view after they are posted.

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Internet Video Jukebox #29

Curated by Paul Walker

“Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells)” –  George plays music

The holiday classic by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych performed on a 52-button Hayden duet concertina (Beaumont model by R. Morse & Co.).  This arrangement can be found at,

‘Tina enthusiast Steve Taggart has excelled himself with a fascinating bundle of clips from the Internet- We’re again indebted to Steve. He writes:

Hi Paul, this just came up today, and l thought it was worth sharing.

lt does take a bit of a while to get going though (till 1:10), but well worth the wait.

Here’s the quite joyous anglo playing of  Australian Ray Simpson, on a beautiful Dipper instrument that is, to my eyes anyway, rather reminiscent of Scan Tester’s John Crabb:-

Hope you find it all as “happy” as l do.    Best regards,  Steve T

l remember learning this nice little waltz when it appeared in issue No. 14 of the late-lamented Australian “Concertina Magazine”, back in 1985.

l thought it could do with being resurrected:-

 All good wishes, Where did 35 years just go?!   Steve T

…….on Anglo. One of my all-time favourite jazz standards but, at first, l didn’t quite recognise it. Then l put on my “improvisation hat”, and there it was!

Not quite the wonderful Fred Read arrangement in the lCA library, and not much in the way of harmonisation l’m afraid, but it’s still very clear and worth a listen l think:-

“The Shadow of Your Smile” – Joe Pass; l have done my best (arranging) this lovely song,

(hopefully we can persuade Steve to share his dots with other aficionados?)

l have also been influenced very much by one of my other great musical loves, solo chord-melody jazz guitar (though l don’t actually play it. l have found it sounds better to leave a slight “delay” after the top melody note, and before playing the rest of the chord, as if playing the guitar. But only a very brief delay, if you see what l mean, sounding the top note first, then immediately bringing in the rest of the chord.

Until recently Steve reports the musician below was earning his living washing dishes! He’s introduced us to -Tenor guitar giant, John Lawlor doing a blazing version of “Moonglow”. You may just have to dance.

And again, Tenor guitar god John Lawlor with the trio on a sunny version of “April Showers”. John Lawlor, Tenor Guitar Jim Lawlor, Drums Jack Hegyi, Bass

Thanks so much for sharing Steve.

Welcome to a new contributor Janet Dows (reader from the USA)  who sends  the Jukebox these 2 delightful performances (she  is playing the C/G Anglo). More from Janet next issue!

Played by Cacciatore di Tesori-Maxwell Poulos, Mandolin;  Irene Herrmann, Mandolin;

Janet Dows, Concertina ; Kaethe Hostetter, Guitar     Santa Cruz, California    May, 2021

“Malvina” · Santa Cruz Percolators  (Step Out)   ℗ 2014 Santa Cruz Percolators

Special thanks also to reader Peter Dyson, Bellingham, Washington, USA, who sent a link to books of duets (linked to Northumbrian Smallpiping) by Derek Hobbs. This arrived too late to feature in this Jukebox, so more of this next issue. Any links to concertina players performing favourite Northumbrian tunes will be much appreciated folks.

Internet Video Jukebox #28 – June 2021

Curated by Paul Walker

Homebaked Concertina #4

We start with the fourth in a series of concertina video concerts produced during the Covid 19 virus lockdown period in Australia during 2020. Players in order of appearance are…. Emma Lewis playing ‘The Drunken Tinker’, John Thompson Playing ‘The Concertina Song’, Wony Min playing ‘McKechnie’s Farewell’, Annette Benson playing ‘The Butterfly’, and Helen & Tony Romeo playing some favourite tunes.

Don’t miss “The Concertina Song” a spoof on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

We continue with ‘tina enthusiast Steve Taggart, who has excelled himself with a bumper bundle of clips from the Internet – we’re again indebted to Steve. He writes:

“Here’s a duo-version of a tune that we all know, and love. “Elsey’s Waltz”

Played on two English concertinas, the “seconds” by one Derek Hobbs.

With the added bonus of a nice smile at the end !

Deserves a few more views too, l’m thinking:-

………….from the film “The Sandpiper”, played on Hayden Duet. “The Shadow Of Your Smile” Composer – Johnny Mandel / Played on Duet Concertina by echosoloconcertina

Only had 39 views in 3 years. l think it deserves a few more:-

l came to find this version as l’ve been working on my own arrangement of this lovely tune, for solo English. [Steve- would be good to hear/see this arrangement! PW ]

Paul, here are two nice little original compositions, that perhaps deserve a few more views (Moorland Air/Ryedale Waltz – Concertina and Ukuleles) By TootlinGeoff :-

A very “smooth” rendition of the old “Navy Lark” theme tune,( “The Trade Wind Hornpipe”) on Anglo by Paul Woloschuk.

Pure nostalgia!

Found this as it’s a tune l’m practicing right now, ready for when they put me in a care home!

Paul, Being a long-retired Banquet Minstrel,from back in the 1970s, l still have many of the tunes we used to play lurking in my “memory banks”. Recently l have come to realise just how well some of them go on the concertina, especially after Jeremy (ICA librarian) sent round “Never Weather-beaten Sail” to the JTD folk.

So here is one of them, a Playford tune:- (From pages 27 & 89 of the collection “A Garden of Dainty Delights” – a book of tunes from the ‘Olden Times’ arranged for the Anglo Concertina by Adrian Brown and published by Rollston Press. Available worldwide via Amazon and other fine retailers. Further information at:

“All in a Garden Green” On Anglo:-

The same tune on Baritone Anglo:- by  Howard Mitchell

“Longing for home”-  as a multi tracked quintet (!) by  ProfRat

written by Joanie Madden of Cherish the Ladies. She wrote it for her mother after learning of her immigration story from County Clare to New York.

And now a great favourite (that ICA secretary Roger Gawley has been known to perform) by its originator:

Les Barker –“Arnold” (The National Forest Folk Festival 2007)

The classic story of the love affair between a myopic armadillo & a concertina!

Rick Epping– in the first link he starts off with harmonica and banjo and then picks up an English concertina. (concertina starts at 3mim 50 sec)

Duet Concertina  lovers take note: 

Newly posted recordings by South African Maccann players Nico Langeveldt and Morgan O’Kennedy (and many other great duet concertina recordings) are now available for listening at :

Marien Lina-French traditional mazurka from the Auvergne region on an F/C anglo concertina. The tune can also be heard in the Ardèche region. It appears on Melusine’s LP(1977 Polidor): Leve toi et danse with the name “Mazurka d’Auvergne”.

The beautiful polish tango Ostatnia Niedziele – played in Warschau in 2010.

The instrument is a Crane Concertina – by Crabb – made in 1924.

(again by Marien Lina)-