Internet Video Jukebox 27 – March 2021

Curated by Paul Walker

First off, another instalment from Homebaked Concertina: Australia 2020. This time # 3
Ailish Moran and dad Jody playing Aileen Penny’s ‘Jig & Maids of Mitchelstown’.

Ailish Moran and dad Jody playing Aileen Penny’s ‘Jig & Maids of Mitchelstown’

Steve Taggart has excelled himself with a bumper bundle of clips from the Internet – I’m again indebted to Steve.
(In fact almost all this issues’ selections are sourced by Steve).

He writes:

“My pal Richard, down in Sussex, has just put me onto this lively tune.

Not a “jig”, as such, l think that was just an old name for a “lively tune”. Despite the title, this is a hornpipe collected by Cecil Sharp, in Somerset, from James Higgins. Here on a 36 key C/G Anglo concertina: Radstock Jig. Very nicely played here on Anglo by Peter Trimming.”

Peter Trimming: Radstock Jig

“This has just popped up. Quite new, and has not had many views:- Not a tune with which l’m familiar, l’m afraid. Nor am l familiar with the Legend of Zelda.” (CAS music)

Song of Storms

“One here for the Muppet Fans – “Rainbow Connection,” performed on a 52-button Hayden duet concertina, Beaumont model by R. Morse & Co.”

(Anon.-George plays music)

Rainbow Connection

“African Squashbox now: “Best……… the World” ? l’m not sure if that’s his own description of himself, more likely a bit of hype by the poster of the clip, but at least he’s a bit different ! lt’s still a concertina though, and a valid method of playing it too.

l only wish l could play with a fraction of his verve. When l first saw him l thought he must have turned his back on our favourite instrument !“


“Surprisingly this has had so few views l thought l’d better send it on to you!

A lovely still colour photo, sorry it’s not a movie, but Randy Stein’s amboyna Aeola shows up a real treat:- (Recorded by DC Ambiance Gypsy Jazz group, Washington DC recording by Lianna Gekker, Suzanne Gekker, clarinet, Buco Cavar, guitar, Randy Stein, English Concertina, Bill Parmentier, guitar, Cyndy Elliot, bass).

I’ll See You In My Dreams

Another wonderful Michael Pierceall clip, one that had escaped my attention until now. This full-chordal treatment reminds me very much of the arrangements by the “old boys that came from a religious background” as somebody once said.

“They needed to be heard at the back of the Citadel, the church or the mission hall !”

Deep River

[Michael Pierceall notes-There are many versions of this traditional spiritual, and I’ve listened to many of them, but my chief inspiration for my attempt is a version by Craig Penfield on reed organ (harmonium) here: ]

Deep River (Harmonium)

Steve Taggart writes, ”l have always loved this song, and now the great RS has recorded it for us all to hear:- written by Karl Suessdorf. 1944- “Moonlight In Vermont” for Solo English Concertina: Randy Stein.”

Moonlight in Vermont

l’d better get my sharpened 2B pencil, home-made MS paper and my jazz bible out, and have a go at an arrangement!”

l remember six or seven years ago when l first discovered the great Valentin Osipov, and what a joy it was to listen to his virtuosity. (Here he is “The Lark”) l never tire of hearing him play.”

The Lark – Valentin Osipov and Accodemia Trio

I emailed Steve, “Hope you are well: ta for the recent clips-classy playing on the Bach & the harp/tina duet is heart-rending. Glad to hear Wheatstone 21678 survived the fall – I remember old timer Jim Ash once telling me that some of the members of the A-u-L Concertina Band he played with used to rest their feet on their instruments on the coach! So they must be tough beasts.

A clip now for you:

The Last Flower – Nigel Harbron

(“The Last Flower” music: Nigel Harbron played on Hayden duet concertina by Aidas Rusa)

which I send to illustrate that people are listening to the ICA videos, as it was made in response to Rob Harbron’s playing of “The Last Flower” posted on the ICA website by the webmaster.

So keep up the good work- we have a listening public somewhere out there!”

Steve replied,” Your anecdote re the Ashton-under-Lyne bandsmen reminded me of a tale of my own. My Lachenal C/F Bass Anglo came from A-u-L nearly fifty years ago, and l have often wondered if the band originally played anglos before they went over to English concertinas?

Any comment from our readers?

“Misty” on Wheatstone Aeola – 24 Jul 2016. Classic Jazz standard, written by Erroll Garner in 1954. Played here on a restored 1909 Wheatstone Aeola English treble concertina.”

Michael Pierceall


“Next, Julian Harries plays Bach Partita in E major (Gavotte en rondo) on McCann duet concertina………..:- A nice bit of classical playing,”

Bach Partita in E major – Julian Harries

“Here’s a nice one Paul, just two young guys playing in the family kitchen.

A situation in which many of us find ourselves these days, l suspect !” (Uncredited harp & concertina – from Mike on the Mic).

Harp and Concertina Duet