Internet Video Jukebox 25

September 2020

Curated by Paul Walker

Full marks to ICA member down under, James Dangarfield who alerted me to the Homebaked Concertina Australia 2020 concert number 1:

George Bolliger playing The Mudgee Waltz,
Bruce and Ross Kurtz playing the Fred Holland’s Schottische,
Ciaran O’Grady playing an unknown tune,
Millie and Tristen White playing Blue River Waltz,
Rod and Maria Thompson playing She Moved Through the Fair,
Trevor Trotter playing Stains Morris and The Bear Dance.

Great to hear George Bollinger playing the “Mudgee Waltz.”

Raise a glass to the memory of Irish Anglo ace Chris Droney playing “Bellharbour Ree/ Fox on the Prowl/ Miss Thornton’s”

Steve Taggart top reporter comments, Paul, sorry, but for the “song accompaniment” effort l completely forgot the great Damien Barber. And the inclusion of the other instruments here makes it a bit different from my previous offerings.
Nice “rural” one too:-

Damien Barber

Steve also notes: “This turned up today. Any further comment from me is entirely superfluous! l just wish l spoke German!”

Concertina from Hell! –Musik Bohmer

He also unearthed:

Concertina Factory 1961

“l don’t know if you’ve ever seen this Paul, but it popped up this afternoon, while l was, once again, watching that fascinating Pathe News clip of the Wheatstone factory in 1961.

Unfortunately it’s completely silent but at least we’re spared the 1950s “John Snagge style” commentary! l found much of it really interesting especially the extended bellows making bit, also the pan-board routing process and the insertion of the valve pins. lt all starts at about 9:55.”

Best regards, Steve T

His series of clips finishes with an ICA Ambassador –“No more need be said:- Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, “Paper Stars”, other than “Thanks for all your efforts with the last Concertina World column. l think it came out really well.”

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, “Paper Stars”

Best regards, (and until you scream “stop!” l’ll keep looking). ST.

Harry Boardman, much missed Lancashire folk singer, accompanies himself on the Anglo on “Cowd Stringy Pie”.

From the USA- Cindy Harris (autoharp) & Jody Kruskal (Anglo) perform, “A Place in the Heart.”

From the USA- Cindy Harris (autoharp) & Jody Kruskal (Anglo) perform, “A Place in the Heart.”

Russian virtuoso Valentin Osipov & “Accodemia” Trio –The Lark

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