Central Scotland Concertina Group (CSCG)

CSCG has been running for several years now.

To start with there were just three English concertina learners together with one more experienced player giving some tuition. Now there are twenty six people on the mailing list with a wide range of playing ability and all types of concertina represented.

The group holds monthly meetings with Christmas and summer breaks. Geographically the members are widely scattered – from down in the Borders to up near Perth and from the west coast to the east – so we don’t have a set meeting place but hold meetings in the homes of those members who are able to host them.

There are from 4-10 people at a typical meeting and the host will have sent out some suggested tunes beforehand. Meetings run from mid-morning to early afternoon with a break for a simple soup lunch.

We play some tunes in harmony and others in unison, with the mix depending on who’s present. New members are always very welcome whether they are experienced players or beginners.

If you are interested in coming along please email Karen at csconcertina@gmail.com