Peter Trimming Recording Archive

The recordings made by Peter Trimming between 1985-1993 were donated to the ICA by Peter, for which we are very grateful.

We have been busy digitising these and restoring them. We also have other recordings going back as far as 1953. We will be adding those to the ‘Other recordings’ category over time. We will hold many of the recordings behind a membership wall. There is no charge for members, they simply need to register on this site. When the registration has been approved then they will be able to freely access the archive.

This is a list of the archive that Peter donated, as listed by Peter:

“Over the period 1985/93, I was fairly active with a portable cassette recorder, making recordings at many of the concertina events which I attended. Who knows what the future holds, but I thought that the list of recordings should be made available, “just in case”!

Please note; with the exception of a few recordings currently on loan to Alan Day, my recording archive now resides with the International Concertina Association. The intention was for the ICA to transfer the recordings, from cassette tape, to digital format; a long and time-consuming process. I am not aware of the progress, to date, so please do not inundate the ICA with enquiries! Whilst the quality is not great, at least it is a recorded archive from the above era”.

Editors note: Peter will be pleasantly surprised at how well his archive has cleaned up. The tools available now do a remarkable job.

Concertina Recordings

Recorded by Peter Trimming.

Updated: 3/11/2008.

Competitive Festivals and Residential Weekends

Date/Subject/Key Players

1986/Taunton&Somerset Music Festival

Tape 1 – Intermediate Classical / Intermediate Folk.

Tape 2 – Advanced Classical / Advanced Folk.

Classical: Gerry Mogg (85), Robert Senior (90), Jenny Cox (80), John Hutcherson (88).

Folk: Peter Trimming (91), Kate Powell (89), Steve Goodyear (83), Gerry Mogg (85),

Robin Madge (91), Iris Bishop (92), Maggy St. George (85), Jean Megly (90).

Tape 3 – 2/3 Concertinas / Plymouth SA Band / Dave Townsend.

2/3 Concertinas: Steve Goodyear & Annick Bardiaux (80), Jenny Cox & Brian Bibby (83), Martin Williams & Doreen Hunt (82), Violet Fordham & Penny Ward (82), Hilde & Robert Senior (87), Digitalis (84), PPS (85), Alan Harlow & Maggy St. George (88), Peapods (87), Iris Bishop & Charlotte Oliver (90).

Plymouth SA Band: 1 MacCann Duet, 4 Crane Duets, 3 English.

1987/Taunton&Somerset Music Festival

Tape 1 – Advanced Classical (Duet) / Advanced Classical (English) / Advanced Folk.

Advanced Classical (Duet): Hilde Senior (86), Iris Bishop (86).

Advanced Classical (English): Brian Bibby (85), Robert Senior (86), Penny Ward (85), Jenny Cox.

Advanced Folk: Peter Trimming (84), Penny Ward (85), Iris Bishop (89), Brian Bibby (84), Robin Madge (88).

Tape 2 – Concertina Band Class

Mangotsfield Primary Concertina Band (88), Mangotsfield Squeezers (87), ??? (can’t hear Band name), Butleigh Court Band, Dodgy Button Band [Peter Trimming, Charlotte Oliver, Iris Bishop, Tina Smith] (86).

Iris Bishop awarded Tom Jukes Cup.

Tape 3 – Plymouth SA Band / Party Pieces / 2/3 Concertina Class.

Plymouth SA Band, Kit & Boodle Band [John Vernon], Iris Bishop, Peter Trimming, Gladys Thorp, Jenny Cox & ??, Brian Bibby, Iris Bishop & Charlotte Oliver.

2/3 Concertina Class and adjudication.

1987/ICA Festival

Tape 1 – Elementary / Advanced Duet / Intermediate English

Elementary: Emily Watson (87), Gemma Stewart (86), Nicola Lewis (90), Sarah Davies (85).

Advanced Duet: Iris Bishop (90), Reuben Shaw (84).

Intermediate English: Steve Goodyear (81), Doreen Hunt (85), Sam Powers (82), June Rosenblum (78), Martin Williams (84).

Tape 2 – Advanced Anglo / Folk Dance Playing / 2 Concertinas

Advanced Anglo: Peter Trimming (95).

Folk Dance Playing: Brian Bibby (84), Nan Colledge (87), Doreen Hunt (83), John Royds (90), Steve Goodyear (85), Penny Ward (85).

2 Concertinas: Brian Bibby & Jenny Cox (89), Iris Bishop & Charlotte Oliver (90), Penny Ward & Sam Powers (87).

Tape 3 – Advanced English / 3 or More Concertinas

Advanced English: Nan Colledge (86), John Hutcherson (85), Brian Bibby (86), Jenny Cox (87), Penny Ward (85).

3 or More Concertinas: Bloomsbury Concertina Band (87), Butleigh Court Band (88), Odd Bods (85).

1989/ICA Festival

Tape 1 – Elementary / Intermediate

Elementary: Ashley Toms (80), Alyn Roberts (85), Rachel Oakley (81), Louise Hunt (78), Helen George (81), Lynette Evans (79), Matthew Bowen (82/84), Kelly Beaver (87).

Intermediate: Martin Williams (83), Emily Watson (82), Sarah Tanner (79), Gemma Stewart (80), Nicola Lewis (80), John Glasson (81), Charlotte Oliver (78).

Tape 2 – Advanced Anglo / Advanced Duet / Advanced English

Advanced Anglo: Harry Scurfield (90), Peter Trimming (86).

Advanced Duet: Iris Bishop (85).

Advanced English: Penny Ward (76), Vena McDougall (75), Doreen Hunt (78), Steve Goodyear (89), Jenny Cox (80), Brian Bibby (88).

Tape 3 – Folk Dance Playing / 2 Concertinas

Folk Dance Playing: Peter Trimming (82), Harry Scurfield (92), John Royds (86), Penny Ward (81), Alyn Roberts (84), Steve Goodyear (90), John Glasson (79), Iris Bishop (89), Brian Bibby (78).

2 Concertinas: Iris Bishop & Charlotte Oliver (86), Brian Bibby & Penny Ward (78).

Tape 4 – Junior Class 2/3 Concertinas / 3 or More Concertinas

Junior Class 2/3 Concertinas: Beaver & Oakley (85), Bowen & Toms (81),

George, Hunt & Evans (80), Stewart & Tanner (78), Lewis & Watson (84).

3 or More Concertinas: Mangotsfield Squeezers (79), Bibby, Ward & Hunt (77), Mangotsfield Primary Band (78), Bloomsbury Concertina Band (90).

1991/ICA Festival (not all sequential)

Tape 1 – Playing by Ear / Folk Dance Playing / Intermediate English.

Playing by Ear: Peter Trimming (87), John Entract (81). Folk Dance Playing: John Glasson (82), Folk Dance Playing – adjudication.

Intermediate English: Lynette Evans (76), Stephen Lowe-Watson (84), Robert Harbron (88), Alyn Roberts (84).

Tape 2 – Elementary English / Advanced Anglo / Advanced Duet / Folk Dance Playing.

Elementary English: Donna Hawkins (79). Advanced Anglo: Peter Trimming (85), Harry Scurfield (84). Advanced Duet: Iris Bishop (87).

Folk Dance Playing: Harry Scurfield (89), Peter Trimming (88), Alyn Roberts (82), Tina Smith (86), Iris Bishop (88), Steve Goodyear (87), John Royds ? (83).

Tape 3 – Advanced English / 2/3 Concertinas / Concertina Band

Advanced English: Jenny Cox (84), Martin Williams (75), Steve Goodyear (80), Danny Chapman (89).

2/3 Concertinas: Jenny Cox & Danny Chapman (90) (not recorded), Iris Bishop & Tina Smith (88), Martin Williams & John Glasson (81). Concertina Band: Jenny Cox, Donna Hawkins & Lynette Evans (85).

Best solo performance: Harry Scurfield.

1993/ICA Festival

Tape 1 (note: this is a composite tape including recordings from Witney 1993)

Dave Townsend, Reuben Shaw, Jean Megly, Pippa Sandford, ??, Iris Bishop, Pippa Sandford, Reuben Shaw.

Dave Townsend, Paul Davies, Brian Hayden (and dog!), Reuben Shaw?

1986/WCCA Halsway Manor

Tape 1 – Grand Concert

Gladys Thorp & Beginners, Gladys Thorp, Gladys Thorp & Mark Austin, Mark Austin, John Hutcherson, John Hutcherson & Vi Fordham, Chris Whiting, Richard Mellish, The New Mexborough Concertina Quartet.

Tape 2 – Grand Concert

Tom Jukes & Brian Bibby, Jenny Cox, Martin Williams, Lynne Law, Peter Trimming, Brian Hayden, Sam Powers & Penny Ward, Sam Powers, Dick Miles.

Tape 3 – Grand Concert / Workshop Results

Mary Tindall & Martin Williams & Sam Powers & Bob & Hilde Senior & Peter Roberts, Tom Jukes, Tom Jukes & Bob Senior, Brian Bibby & Jenny Cox & Peter Cox, The Freshford Five.

Workshop Results.

Tape 4 – New Mexborough Quartet Workshop

Tape 5 – Results From Playing Workshops

Tape 6 – Dick Miles Song Accompaniment Workshop

1987/WCCA Halsway Manor

Tape 1 – Grand Concert

Tim Laycock & Dave Townsend & Mick Tems & Pat Smith, Jenny Cox, Brian & Claire Campbell & Jack Dent, Brian Hayden, Sam Power & Penny Ward, Chris Whiting, Pat Robson, John Wild, Brian Bibby & Pippa Sandford & Jenny Cox, Doreen Hunt, Gladys Thorp, Carolyn & Roger Doorbar, Tim Laycock.

Tape 2 – Grand Concert

Robin Madge, Sam Power & Penny Ward & Pauline Wallace & Hilde Senior, Clive Richardson & George Causley, John Hutcherson, The Butleigh Band, Tony Wilkins, Dave Townsend, Richard Mellish, Peter Trimming, Iris Bishop, Iris Bishop & Charlotte Oliver, John Dixon, Mick Tems & Pat Smith, Mick Tems & Pat Smith & Tim Laycock & Dave Townsend.

Tape 3 – Anglo Workshop – Mick Tems & Pat Smith

Tape 4 – Playing for Dancing Workshop – Mick Tems & Pat Smith

Tape 5 – Music Hall Workshop – Tim Laycock

Tape 6 – Duet Workshop – Tim Laycock and Workshop Results

1988/WCCA Halsway Manor

Tape 1 – Grand Concert.

The Senior Family, Penny Ward & Pauline Wallace, Derek & Shirley Spring, Iris Bishop, Iris Bishop & Charlotte Oliver, Jon Agnew & Alan Lake & Sam Allen, John Wild, Bob & Hilde Senior, Peter Trimming.

Alistair Anderson’s Beginners’ Workshop, Alistair Anderson.

Tape 2 – Grand Concert.

Classical Band, Robin Madge, Steve Goodyear, Martin Brown, Richard Mellish, Butleigh Court Concertina Band, Brian Hayden, Dave ??, Lesley ??, Brian Bibby & Penny Ward.

Dave & Jeannie Blayney, John Hutcherson, Ralph Jordan.

Tape 3 – Ralph Jordan – Duet Get-together.

1989/WCCA Halsway Manor

Tape 1 – Andy Turner – Anglo Workshop.

Tape 2 – Jean Megly – Duet Workshop.

Tape 3 – The Workshop Leaders. Andy Turner, Dave Townsend, Jean Megly.

Tape 4 – Grand Concert.

Robin Madge, Brian Bibby & Penny Ward & Barry Wallace, Charlotte Oliver & Iris Bishop, Steve Goodyear, Contraflow (Jenny Cox), Brian Hayden & John Wild, Brian Hayden, Peter Trimming.

Dave Townsend’s Band, Dave Townsend & Andy Turner & Jean Megly, Dave T. leads play-off.

1990/WCCA Halsway Manor

Tape 1 – John Kirkpatrick – Anglo Workshop.

Tape 2 – John Kirkpatrick – Playing for Dance.

Featuring mainly The Olive Branch.

Tape 3 – Meet the Guests. John Kirkpatrick, Iris Bishop, Simon Thoumire.

Tape 4 – Grand Concert.

Butleigh Court Concertina Band, Pat Robson, Beginners Group, Peter Trimming, Brian Bibby, Robin Madge, Doreen Hunt, Steve Goodyear, Duet Group, Iris Bishop, Richard Mellish, Brian Hayden, Simon Thoumire, John Kirkpatrick, John Kirkpatrick & Simon Thoumire & Iris Bishop.

Tape 5 – John Kirkpatrick – Song Accompaniment.

Tape 6 – John Kirkpatrick – Chords & Harmony.

1991/WCCA Kilve

Tape 1 Sunday Concert.

Dick Miles, Gladys Thorp’s Group, Brian Hayden, Ian ?, Eric ?, Robin Madge, Claire Greenhough’s Intermediate Band, Brian Peters.

??, Gladys Thorp, Brian Peters’ Anglo Group, Colin ?, Dick Miles’ Advanced Band, Iris Bishop & Peter Woodger.

Tape 2 Meet the Guests & Sunday Concert (cont).

Dick Miles, Iris Bishop, Brian Peters, Dick, Iris, Brian, Dick, Iris, Brian.

Peter Trimming, Helen & Patricia & Vi, Ian & Mary & Glad & John, Brian Peters leads the play-out.

1992/WCCA Kilve

Tape 1 Sunday Concert.

Gladys Thorp, Gladys Thorp + Beginners Group, Brian Hayden, Penny Clarke?, Richard Mellish, Bertram Levy’s Group, Jenny Cox, Ron ??, Ian Munro & Peter Trimming – Tune Swap, Jean ??, Robin Madge.

Anne Madge, Pauline Wallace’s English Group, Iris Bishop’s Duet Group, Bertram Levy, Claire Greenhough’s Advanced Band, Ian Munro & Peter Trimming – Tune Swap, Peter & Ian (joined by Bertram) lead the play-out.

1993/WCCA Kilve

Tape 1 Sunday Concert.

Douglas Rogers’ Advanced Band, Claire Greenhough’s Intermediate Band, Gladys Thorp’s Beginners Group, Gladys Thorp, Reuben Shaw’s Duet Group, Reuben Shaw, Brian Hayden’s Hayden Duet Group, Brian Hayden.

Keith Kendrick, Keith Kendrick’s Anglo Group, Pauline Wallace’s English Group, Peter Trimming & Ian Munro – Tune Swap, Pat Robson (Chemnitzer), Charlotte Oliver & Iris Bishop, Greg ??, Douglas Rogers.


Tape 1 Saturday Concert.

Band – Overture: Church Green, Dave Townsend (English), Iris Bishop (MacCann Duet) & Charlotte Oliver (English), Trevor Vale (MacCann Duet & Harmonica), Harry Scurfield (Anglo), Reuben Shaw (MacCann Duet), Jean Megly (Crane Duet).

Tape 2 Saturday Concert.

Dave Townsend (English) & Jean Megly (Crane Duet), John Kirkpatrick (Anglo, Baritone Anglo & Bass Anglo), Dave Townsend (English) & Jean Megly (Crane Duet) & John Kirkpatrick (Bass Anglo) play Schottische des Landes and Le Branle des Chevaux.


Tape 1 Sunday Afternoon Session – Chaired by Dave Townsend.

Dave Townsend (English), Harry Scurfield (Anglo), Robert Harbron (English), Robert Harbron & Danny Chapman (English), Witney Workshop Band – Overture.

Gavin Atkin (Jeffries Duet), Harry Scurfield – Anglo Workshop, Ayliffe Edwards (Anglo), Pam Bishop (MacCann Duet), Reuben Shaw (MacCann Duet).


Tape 1 (note: this is a composite tape including recordings from the ICA Festival 1993)

Dave Townsend, Reuben Shaw, Jean Megly, Pippa Sandford, ??, Iris Bishop, Pippa Sandford, Reuben Shaw.

Dave Townsend, Paul Davies, Brian Hayden (and dog!), Reuben Shaw?

I.C.A. Meeting Recordings

Date/Subject/Key Players

1985/6/ Meetings at Leighton Buzzard (2) and London.

Note: tape also includes recording of Downes-on-Tour Morris practice.

The following meetings were all held in London:

1985/ Father Kenneth Loveless – Recollections of William Kimber.

Laudnum Bunches, Jockey to the Fair, Bonnets so Blue, Princess Royal, Double Lead Through.

1986/ Dave Townsend

1986/ Tim Laycock – The Life & Times of the Concertina in Victorian & Edwardian England.

Note: This was later adapted for a radio broadcast.

1986/ Bloomsbury Meeting.

Bloomsbury Concertina Band, Paul Davies, Andrew Norman, Brian Hayden, Douglas Rogers & John Hutcherson.

Note: The A side of the tape features The New Mexborough English Concertina Quartet at the 1985 Chippenham Folk Festival.

1987/ Harry Minting – Harry was the last Manager of Wheatstone.

1987/ Douglas Rogers and Brenda Blewitt (Piano)

Features the premiere of “Song of the Sea” by Oliver Hunt.

1987/ Neil Wayne

1987/ Ralph Jordan

1988/ Butleigh Court Concertina Band

Radetzky March, Sinfonietta, Lady Florence, Norwegian Melody, Marche Militaire, The Cuckoo, Two Carols, Jamie’s Patrol, Minuet From 5th Symphony, Slaughter on 10th Avenue, Gothic Minuet, All Things Bright And Beautiful, Caliph of Bagdad, The Sentinel.

1989/ John Kirkpatrick

Folk Festival and Folk Club Recordings

Date/Subject/Key Players

1981/ Alan Harlow & Maggy St. George, Steve Turner (English concertina), Martyn Wyndham-Read, Eddie Upton, Martyn Wyndham-Read. Recorded at Croydon FS Club.

c1984/ Various Artists.

Jim Eldon, Dave Townsend (English Concertina) & Dave Parry (Melodeon) as “The Blades”, Barbara Brown, “The Blades”, “Eric” (Nigel Chippindale – Anglo, Ralph Jordan – MacCann Duet, Colin Thompson – English) playing “Telstar”, Darcy Spice.

c1986/ Alistair Anderson at Croydon Folksong Club, Sue Hudson at Faversham Folk Club.

Note: This tape also has a recording from Downes-on-Tour Morris practice.

1986/ John Kirkpatrick – An Evening of Squeezing, at Cecil Sharp House.

Tape 1 Brief history of “free reed” development, recordings of concertina players, John Kirkpatrick playing all his instruments, including three Anglos. Performance of “Bells of St. Mary” on Anglo.

Tape 2 Discussion regarding larger Melodeons, Accordeons, Bandoneon Concertina, and Hayden Duet. Performance of “William of Gloucester’s Waltz” on Anglo.

1986/ Alistair Anderson & The Border Shepherds at Herga Folk Club.

Alistair Anderson (English Concertina), Will Atkinson (Harmonica), Joe Hutton (Northumbrian Pipes), Will Taylor (Fiddle). Music played mainly as a quartet, but some solos.

1986/ Peter Trimming – Anglo Concertina Workshop (WCCP). Sidmouth Folk Festival.

Peter Trimming, Brian Peters, John Kirkpatrick, Martin Nail, Robin Madge, Tom Stevens, Howard Jones, Peter Trimming, Brian Peters, John Kirkpatrick, Gavin Atkin (Jeffries Duet), John Kirkpatrick.

1986/ Sidmouth Folk Festival – Mainly Concertina.

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Brian Peters, Peter Trimming, Brian Hayden, Ivan North, Kit & Boodle Band, Tony Rose.

1986/ Sidmouth Folk Festival. Festival Guests.

Kathryn Tickell, Fred Jordan, Charlie Hill, Tony Rose (Banks of Green Willow acc. English Concertina), Charlie Hill, Fred Jordan, Kipper Family.

1986/ Sidmouth Folk Festival. The Kipper Family, Ralph Jordan.

Ralph Jordan plays MacCann Duet at WCCP workshop.

1986/ Peter Honri, Ralph Jordan & Jo Fraser & Fi Fraser.

Peter Honri – part 2 of “Working the Halls”, Warehouse Theatre, Croydon.

Ralph Jordan – Croydon Folksong Club.

1986/ Jimmy Crowley & Jackie Daly at Herga Folk Club.

Jackie uses Anglo to accompany two songs.

1987/ Dick Miles at Croydon Folksong Club.

Song accompaniment on English, with 1 song using Hayden Duet.

1987/ Calennig at Croydon Folksong Club.

Mick Tems (Melodeon, Harmonium), Pat Smith (Anglo, Spoons).

1987/ Lea Nicholson at The Plough, Three Bridges.

Lea Nicholson, Jim Ward & Iris Bishop, Lea Nicholson.

1987/ John Kirkpatrick at Weybridge Folk Club.

Anglo used to accompany two songs, plus Annanside (introduced here as Arran Water).

1987/ Bertram Levy (Anglo) & Claude Ginsberg (Fiddle) at Herga Folk Club.

1988/ Meet John Kirkpatrick. Warwick Folk Festival.

Song Accompaniment (2 tracks), tunes sets (3 tracks) include Ragged Robin Rag, Bells of St. Mary.

1988/ John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris. Becky Palmer. Towersey Folk Festival.

Kirkpatrick Kompositions – Anglo used for 3 songs and 2 tunes. Becky Palmer (Anglo) for song accompaniment.

1989/ John Kirkpatrick – Squeezebox Workshop. Four Fools Festival, Redditch.

Playing techniques suitable for all “box” players, featuring Jamie Allen played mainly on Button Accordeon, with some Melodeon & Anglo Concertina.

1989/ John Kirkpatrick – Playing Styles Workshop at Beverley Folk Festival.

John Kirkpatrick (Button Accordeon, Melodeon, Anglo), Phil Cunningham (Piano Accordeon), Eddie Upton (Anglo), Bernard Wrigley (Bass English & humour), Simon Thoumire (English).

1989/ Young Tradition Concert at Sidmouth.

Becky Taylor, Lee Collinson, Simon Thoumire (three solo sets on English Concertina), Becky Palmer, Paul Higgs, Ian Carr.

1989/ Brian Peters – Concertina & Melodeon Workshop. Bromyard Folk Festival.

1990/ Brian Peters – Anglo Concertina Workshop. Sidmouth Folk Festival.

1990/ English Squeezers in Concert. Sidmouth Folk Festival.

Dave Whetstone (Melodeon), Vic Gammon (Melodeon) & Will Duke (Anglo), Damian Barber (English), Tony Hall (Melodeon), Will Duke (Bandoneon), Will (Anglo) & Vic (English), Damian (English), Tony (Melodeon), Vic (Banjo) & Will (Anglo), Damian (English), Tony (Melodeon), Tony & Damian & Vic & Will – Speed the Plough to finish.

1991/ Willie Clancy Summer School – Concertina Concert.

Noel Hill & others, Micilin Conlon, Tony Crehan, Gerdy Commane, Tommy McMahon, John McMahon.

Noel Hill’s class members, Tommy & Jackie McCarthy, Aoife O’Connor, Larry Kinsella, Noel Hill, Noel & others to finish.

1991/ Willie Clancy Summer School. Tony Creehan – Anglo Concertina Beginners Workshop (day 5)

Private and Other Recordings

Date/Subject/Key Players

1988/ Frank Fuller – MacCann player from Croydon.

2006/ Peter Trimming – recordings on C/G and B’/F Anglo. Recorded by Rick Tighe on 17/3/2006.