Internet Video Jukebox 22 with Paul Walker


        Curated by Paul Walker

Steve Taggart (concertina enthusiast extraordinaire) has unearthed lots of musical  goodies for us this month (enabling me to put my feet up!).

He writes:
“Paul, here’s a beautiful little waltz by Frederic Paris who, l believe, composed that other great tune “Le Canal en Octobre”: (Webmaster: Yes, indeed he did)

I hope you like this, rather restrained, version.

(Webmaster: I know this as a traditonal French tune, not composed by Frederic Paris… Here are the dots:

Here’s that great “stage” hornpipe “The Acrobat”, played on a C/G Anglo concertina, but in it’s original key of Bb.

Not to be confused with the trombonist’s party-piece of the same name.

There is some controversy as to whether it was actually composed by James Hill, as the poster says, although it does sound very much like it could be one of his.

There are many stories told about this tune, one being that it was even used by P T Barnum for his circus acrobats, hence the name.

Whatever the truth, its certainly a really great, show-off of a tune and justly deserves to be in the repertoire of every concertina player.

l’m off to practice it right now!


l’d never heard of George King. Maybe a pseudonym? “King” / “Prince”  perhaps, or is that a little too obvious?

Anyway, here is his version of Austrian Cadets, though l’ve yet to decide if its EC or McCann, though most probably it’s the latter.


And l still think its Alexander Prince!

lncidentally, “EMG Colonel” has posted many excellent clips, if scratchy old 78s is your thing. (lt is mine)

He only died quite recently, at the comparatively young age of 47. He has left us a wonderful legacy on YT of historic musical clips, that l’m still exploring.

For instance one Jack Irwin, here playing “Brooklyn Belle”:


Bach Prelude 

Or, what can be played on the humble (?) Anglo concertina:

[PS  very good CW 479 l thought. Well done to all involved. Best regards, Steve T]

This wonderful clip was on YT for ages but, sadly, it was taken down months, if not years, ago. lts now back again, in all its glory!

You can hear the great Willie Smith playing his English concertina several times (although here it’s called a “melodeon”, and in the credits too) all accompanied on the Jew’s harp.

There are even a few “laugh-out-loud” moments as well, though its still nearly half an hour of your life that you’ll never get back again.

l do hope you enjoy this, and its not just my weird sense of humour again!

PS    You can also listen to Willie Smith here, on the sound track to the Ealing Comedy film “The Maggie”.

l think, on this occasion, he’s playing a miniature English and the tune is “Hamilton House”, all accompanied by a full orchestra.

That, for now’s, yer lot. Cheers Steve T”

A big hand to Steve for the above; it’s good for CW readers as Steve has different tastes to mine, enlivened by his ace sense of humour. PW