Internet Video Jukebox 21 with Paul Walker

First, 2 links mentioned in the aricle on Matusewitch in this issue:

Gregory Matusewitch – Czardas by V. Monti [Provided to YouTube by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings]

Contralto Vera Smirnova sings a two-part Potpourri of Russian Songs / Popurri iz Russkich piesen / Попурри изъ Русскихъ пъсенъ in this recording made in New York in June of 1927. The excellent accordion accompanist is unfortunately unidentified. From the original 78rpm disk

A couple of clips donated by Mick Bramich: Baby Elephant Walk on Hayden duet concertina (uncredited squeezebox-Jeff Leff?)

Kyckling (Chicken) polka on Wakker Hayden concertina; (same player)

And an alternative take to the Chicken Polka by Jan Anders Andersson
“Published on 24 Apr 2007

This is a piece of dance music I put together for my kids inspired from something I heard on the radio once, something called Chicken Polka. This is maybe like it but definitely my own version. The rooster is Bernie and I think the other is “Her Bert”. Sorry to say but in june 2008 he was killed and eaten by a dumb fox.. Very good excercise for the little (4) finger on right hand”

And a few gems unearthed by internet-sleuth Steve Taggart:

Hi Paul, Here’s dear old Valentin Osipov again. This clip has had so few views, less than the total lCA membership in fact, that l thought it worth submitting:

Lullaby Of The Oleander/Played on Hayden Duet Concertina/Melody by Ms. KATO Eriko

And now not the “Ave Maria” we all know, and love (trumpet & concertina):

{I haven’t been aware of just how good a player Valentin Osipov is. A virtuoso multi instrumentalist. Lots of clips on YouTube.PW}

This tune is called Dibrovchanka and it is from the Ukrain, played on a beautiful instrument, a Crane concertina made in 1924 by Henry Thomas Crabb, restored by Geoffrey Crabb in 2005 –

Caitlin Nic Gabhann…. e la sua magica ” concertina ” Mondovì 23-2-13. Fan Jo Martin comments, “Fabulous playing. Love the percussive feet and she even manages to smile throughout. Wow,”