Internet Video Jukebox 20 with Paul Walker

The National Youth Folk Ensemble and Leveret at 1hour:03 (for 30 secs nothing happens). Thanks to Lois H. for digging out the link. Rob Harbron excels on English concertina.

Steve Taggart ( the Sam Spade of Concertina Research) has sent the following gems:

“I’m pretty sure it’s just the one guy, and l think he might be Russian?

lt’s the old film-maker’s “split-screen” trick again, the backdrop is the real give-away. The tune is a tango, from the film “The Scent of a Woman”, Пор Уна Кабеза. Из разряда: “Тихо сам с собою…”, а шо делать? Cheers, and l hope it amused you, however slightly.

Concertina from Hell! Musik Böhmer Kurzversion-concertina & stompbox!

You may have already seen this, and still be recovering!

Lovely stuff: Minuet in F Major (Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach), played on Wicky/Hayden duet concertina (by a modest Frenchman)

Paul, l think that any witty comment, on my part anyway, is totally superfluous here. “David’s Lamentation” (Cooper #239) on Hayden duet concertina in location in Kabul (by Jabberwockistan?):-

Popeye the Sailor Man by Rich– The sole audience member seems to be pretty unimpressed, or perhaps he knows all the rude words, but just can’t quite remember them:-“

Star and Shadow Rapper with Alex Wade at the evening concert organised on the day of the Annual General Meeting of the ICA on 16 April 2016

“Blue Skies” was written by Irving Berlin in 1926 and is performed here by Alan Day on Anglo concertina and Will Fly on acoustic guitar.

Bob Michel -Pierre De Geyter composed the melody in 1888 as a setting for the lyrics written by Eugène Pottier. I play it solo on a 40-button Anglo concertina of roughly the same vintage as the song. A contribution to the Theme of the Month for July 2015 at “Unlikely Concertina Music.”

A Morris Jig (uncredited) Swaying to sweetest concertina  No 2 MVI_3757.AVI  International Concertina Association AGM WCCP 2008

Gnossienne #1-By Erik Satie (orig Piano in F minor)

David Barnert playing 46-key Wheatstone Hayden Concertina

Tim Collins– Three reels: Patsy Tuohey’s/Bárr na Cúille/Tie the Bonnet. Sublime playing from 2008.

Here is the Mooiplaas Boere-Orkes’ version of a tune called the Oasis Tango. It appears on their very recent album (2008) called Tradisionele Boeremusiek op sy Beste (Traditional Boeremusiek at its Best). Boeremusiek (Afrikaans for ‘Boer music’) is a type of South African instrumental folk music with a concertina as lead instrument. Its original intent was to be an accompaniment to social dancing. Although its roots date back to Europe, over time it had developed a character of its own.