Internet Video Jukebox 19 with Paul Walker

The Vox Hunters “Golden Victory” Traditional ballad – this version was collected from Christina Henry in Providence in 1945 for the Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Collection. Delightful Old Time from East coast USA.

Steve Taggart – Hawkeyed reader of the WWWeb & master of the Bon Mot-has contributed two items this issue:

The first is a comedy act. ST writes: The moral of this clip is something like “Never perform on stage with your kids”.
The expressions on Dad’s face are priceless:-

“Hello Paul, yet another obscure clip.
“Concertina Sounds”:- Chené Thessner

l only wish my bellows were as flexible!”

Johnny Clegg & Savuka “I Call Your Name”- Zulu Good Time concertina funk straddles the race barrier in South Africa.

NNC Zulu Dance Band – Sashokwaqaqa Mbai Salukazi (1959-rhythm on the Squashbox!

Steve Turner performing ”Sullivan’s Farewell” in Humph Hall (Sydney, Australia) in January 2018. Song starts 1:41.Admire the searing intensity of Steve’s vocals.

Vic Gammon at The Bridge – The Mistletoe Bough (TH Bayley and Sir Henry Bishop)- a fine traditional rendition

Talisk (featuring Mohsen Amini on Anglo)- Montrea-stunning dexterity.

Noel Hill, aged 14, in his first television appearance, playing two reels on concertina. Flanked by pipers Séamus Ennis and Peter Browne. December 1972 Gravel Walks (?) Superlatives redundant here!

Live in Eynsham – The Lost Chord – Dave Townsend & Phil Humphries A fine comedy song- from the Music Hall?

Master Crowley’s / Cormac Begley-the irrepressible Anglo squeezester

Jody Kruskal & Kristina Clark “River Stay Away From My Door” in Ralph Lee’s Train Workshop- complete with Railroad overalls!

Ben Walker & Rob Harbron – Brink of June-exquisite playing

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne at The Bridge – New Year’s Day- The Bells-The Bells!

Brian Peters: Robinson’s Tune (Abbott’s Bromley) and followed by ‘The Wherligig’ (Playford) and ‘I’d Rather Have Piece Than A Kiss’ (Jackson MS). on Anglo concertina –stylish & relaxed.