Internet Video Jukebox 18 with Paul Walker

First an exciting sneak preview of next spring’s planned tour on the Peterloo massacre. Featuring two concertina players and a melodeon squeezer (tho all are multi-instrumentalists). So plenty to interest CW readers:

Brian Peters – “Kersal Moor” Broadside ballad written in 1838 about the great Chartist meeting at Kersal Moor, Salford, set to a tune written by Brian. Live performance at the Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle, November 2018. The song features in ‘The Road to Peterloo’ concert performance featuring Brian Peters, Pete Coe and Laura Smyth.

Steve Taggart – Hawkeyed sleuth of the WWWeb has contributed three items this issue:

Danny Spooner performs at the 2009 Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival in Bannerman Park in St. John’s, NL. Steve reports:
“An object lesson in accompanying your own singing, in spite of a most disrespectful audience. Their loss, l would say:”

Brian Hyland – Carolan’s Concerto – “A real good effort, on Anglo:”

Do you think we could ever persuade any of the younger members of the ICA to have a go at the concertina version of this sort of thing? (l did try it myself but my amboyna Aeola really didn’t like it).

Well Paul, you did suggest l should have a look on the Dark Web!”

Chris Droney | Gradam Saoil. Well-respected elder statesman of Irish concertina playing.

Kosie Beukes: Konsertina is net 1 van 13 vir Kosie – excellent youth playing – from South Africa I think.

Steve Wilson – The Beatles’ Honey Pie on concertina. Excursion into jazz concertina.

Beautiful playing (worth putting up with the grainy video) Morning mist; The plough and the stars, reels by Mary MacNamara

(A tune on a trusty Stagi concertina, the Catharsis Reel by
Amy Cann. Accompaniment on guitar and bouzouki, both by self – video unavailable…


Simon Thoumire – This is a vlog about the technique I use to play two finger rolls on the concertina and other uses for the technique and I’ll play a couple of tunes to demonstrate it! Charlie Warlie and Nhaimh’s Capers (by Gerry O’Connor!)

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The first music video from Ímar, originally released in January 2016 (featuring the Award winning Mohsen Amini on Anglo).
Tunes: Air Mignonne – Simon Riopel / Luke Skywalker Walks On Sunshine – David Stone

A sampler of Swedish dance tunes recorded by the duo Limehouse Cut – Christine Dyer (nyckelharpa) & Michael Hebbert (concertina) – in Hawksmoor’s church of St Anne’s Limehouse. Includes ‘Appelbo Gånglåt’, ‘Fanteladda’, ‘Lappkungens Polska’ & ’Slängpolska efter Byss-Calle No.32′. Film by Sue Swift.
Michael shared his love of World Music in a workshop on his Duet concertina at the Swaledale Squeeze a few years ago.