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Internet Video Jukebox 18 with Paul Walker

First an exciting sneak preview of next spring’s planned tour on the Peterloo massacre. Featuring two concertina players and a melodeon squeezer (tho all are multi-instrumentalists). So plenty to interest CW readers:

Brian Peters – “Kersal Moor” Broadside ballad written in 1838 about the great Chartist meeting at Kersal Moor, Salford, set to a tune written by Brian. Live performance at the Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle, November 2018. The song features in ‘The Road to Peterloo’ concert performance featuring Brian Peters, Pete Coe and Laura Smyth.

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Concertina World 476 – December 2018

1 Index
2 Editorial
4 Chairman Committee  
5 Internet Video Jukebox 18  
7 Interview Vox Hunters 
15 cd review
16 West Country Concertina Players’      Weekend at Quantock Lodge
20 Grave Matters 
21 Interview Cormac Begley 
30 Hawkwood Concertina Band 
32 ICA AGM 2019 
33 Obituary: Jean Margery Perree 
35 Subscription renewals

Inside cover: photos Martin Henshaw

Contributors: Jenny Cox, Bill Crossland, Pauline de Snoo, Roger Gawley, Martin Henshaw, Paul McCann, Paul Walker.

Music Supplement: Pauline de Snoo December Supplement: Pauline de Snoo

Concertina World 475 – September 2018

1 Index  
2 Editorial  
4 Chairman Committee  
5 Players in Lincolnshire  
6 Internet Video Jukebox 17  
8 Folkworks Durham 2018 report 
11 It’s all in the wrist action 
12 Mick Bramich Interview 
20 Banding Together 2018 impressions 
21 Grading exams for concertina 
23 Tune by Mick Bramich (see page 12)
24 Witney Supersqueeze 

Inside cover: Winterweekend 2018  and March weekend 2019

Photo cover: Mich Bramich

Contributors: Pauline de Snoo, Roger Gawley, Paul McCann, Sarah James, Paul Walker, Phiip Waterfield

Music Supplement: Bill Finnegan

Concertina World 474 – June 2018

1 Index  
2 Editorial  
3 Internet Video Jukebox 16
5 Central Scotland Concertina Group  
 6 Interview Dave Elliott  
9 High Noon in Suffolk 
12 An Irish Miscellany 
14 Comment on article in Concertinajournal.com 
18 Help asked in finding concertinaplayer Anne Baines 
19 Reply to article by Pauline de Snoo in CW 473 
25 2018 AGM Event
28 Minutes of the AGM 5 May 2018 
36 Obituary Hilda Gibson

Contributors: Bill Crossland, Roger Gawley, Jeremy Hague, Paul McCann, Göran Rahm, Andrew Stevens, Paul Walker,

Music Supplement: Michel van der Meiren

Concertina World 473 – March 2018

1 Index  
2 Editorial 
 3 Internet Video Jukebox 15
5 Witney Supersqueeze 2017  
7 Hawkwood Band January 2018  
9 High Noon in Suffolk 
10 Are physical problems like  Tenosynovitis unavoidable when playing English Concertina?
14 CITES Regulations – a walk on the wild side…… 
19 Hartlepool Folk Festival 2017 
21 Errata 
22 Jody Kruskal Interview 
35 Obituaries Rollo Woods and  John Beckett 
37 Dick Miles Interview 
43 AGM agenda and officer’s reports 
50 New members in 2018 
51 Recital by Eric Matusewitch 2017 
52 AGM invitation

Contributors:  Jill Beckett, Gwen Boyle, Julie Collett, Bill Crossland, Pauline de Snoo, Jeremy Hague, Paul McCann, Martin Henshaw, Gill Noppen-Spacie, Peter Rowlstone, Paul Walker, Owen Woods and Claire Wren.

Music Supplement: Jody Kruskal and Geoff Wright