Internet Video Jukebox 17 with Paul Walker

Boerejol – Die Ventertjies, Kosie Beukes & Kannie Warries an electric band featuring a young anglo player. Boer music exemplary.

Rob Harbron & Emma Reid – Great Uncle Henry / Waiting For Rain – the young master with a sumptuous EC accompaniment to the fiddle.

Tim Collins, Edel Fox, Michael O’Raghallaigh, Caitlin Nic Gabhann and Padraid Rynne (Irish Concertina Ensemble). A superlative super-group.
From Fleadh Cheoil 2014 in Sligo

Catlin Nic Gabhann – Concertina and Irish dance – both dancing and playing the Anglo split-screen.

From “Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style” by Gary Coover, p.40‑41. Two very different ways of playing the same tune from “The English Dancing Master” published in 1651 by John Playford. The first version was learned from the playing of Bertram Levy, the second from Adam Davis. Played here on a 30-button C/G Anglo concertina made by the late Harold Herrington.

After a day of filming Jody Kruskal’s wondrous concertina playing, it was time to relax and share a tune with Jody Kruskal and Susan Platz.
Porter’s Reel – Jody Kruskal, David Bragger & Susan Platz. We’re playing a tune from our dear friends Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer.

Young Scot Awards 2016 – Mohsen Amini – Arts

Talisk Echo from our debut album Abyss, available at
Mohsen Amini – Concertina
Hayley Keenan – Fiddle & Craig Irving – Guitar

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne – Tom the Barber – Soundpost Old Adam weekend ‘Unofficial’ concert. Spearheading the new-wave of concertina players with a refreshingly traditional approach.

Luke Hillman Rambling Sailor, a classic sea song played here on my C/G anglo concertina. We use this tune for the morris dance “Simon’s Fancy”.

William Kimber of Headington Morris playing Getting Up Stairs – laying the ground rules for the Anglo push-pull style.

Dot Cotton learning the Concertina – a clown, new (to me)

No. 1 Stepdance 2 – Scan Tester (his unique style thankfully captured on disc in the 70s folk revival)

Pauline de Snoo (acc. by Chris van de Kullen) – an emotive rendition of Summersong, a composition by Richard Williams for English Concertina and Piano. Free concertina lessons under Tuition on

“Blue Skies” was written by Irving Berlin in 1926 and is performed here by Alan Day on Anglo concertina and Will Fly on acoustic guitar