Internet Video Jukebox 16 with Paul Walker

Prof. MacCann – A Frangesa March (Concertina Solo, 1901. The first successful design for a Duet concertina was patented in 1884 by a young performer, “Professor” John Hill MacCann, who is most likely the person playing here.

EGB Zondie & Sindane – Ntombi Suka S’Hambe (Let’s Go Away Sweetheart) ; The crossover between traditional African music and traditional Afrikaner music is not hard to find, as many examples exist of (especially) Kwela music which were readily adopted by Boeremusiek bands. However, finding examples of African tunes influenced by Boeremusiek is much harder to find, mainly due to the uneven ramifications caused by Apartheid in South Africa. Here is one. Enjoy! (thanks to Jan Tak)

Boermusiek- Uncredited. Little tribute to Afrikaner tradisonel music

Dympna O’Sullivan and Danny O’Mahony playing during feakle festival 2011.

Jon Boden & the Remnant Kings – Hounds of Love. Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2012. And it appears the ubiquitous Rob Harbron has got all the band playing concertinas!

Alfonsina y el Mar (Ariel Ramirez)- played on Hayden duet concertina

Boeremusiek – Hengelaarswals [Anglers Waltz]

Peter Bellamy – Nostradamus- Achingly beautiful cover by Peter of Al Stewart’s “Nostradamus”.
‘In the east the wind is blowing the boats across the sea
And their sails will fill the morning and their cries ring out to me
Oh, the more it changes, the more it stays the same
And the hand just re-arranges the players in the game’

From “Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style” by Gary Coover, p.100, this Academy Award winner was written by Harold Allen and Yip Harburg for the 1939 film classic “The Wizard of Oz”. Astute listeners will notice a little tribute to Eva Cassidy’s amazing version of this song.

Harlem Nocturne played expressively on the English Concertina by Randy Stein.

Tango on Alto-Aeola ( Concertina ) played on a converted tenor-treble Aeola playing 5 notes down with normal treble fingering…

Steve Wilson San Francisco Bay Blues with some help from a dancing friend (a doll)

Michael Pierceall- Jazz Concertina – A Nightingale Sang. Classy.

Ciaran FitzGerald plays two reels on the concertina learned from Micheal O Raghallaigh and Timmy Collins – Master Crowley’s and Paddy Fahy’s. He came 2nd on the Concertina under 12 at the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in Tullamore 2008. Such concentration.

‘Before I met you’ Performed by The Vox Hunters – Armand Aromin and Benedict Gagliardi 2017 Recorded live at the Music Mansion