Internet Video Jukebox 15 with Paul Walker

Still seasonal perhaps because of the snow?! – O Little Town of Bethlehem – Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Bass Anglo Concertina – from the new generation of Anglo players.

Further thanks to reader Steve Taggart who has scoured the nooks and crannies of the Net to bring CW readers a brace of unusual concertina-related clips:
From one Jonathan Badness (complete with pork-pie/trilby? hat) Try a little tenderness – on a McCann duet

Plus something a bit more serious: in the harmonic style from Mary R, from the Salvation Army English concertina tutor.

followed naturally by:
Brig. Archie Burgess and Eric Ball – Salvation Medley on a Regal Zonophone 78 rpm -1936

Reporting from his visits to the Emerald Isle, Bill Crossland (noted CW Anglo afficionado & Restorer) has sent two links to Irish players:
Cormac Begley with
Dan O’Connell’s Favourite, Un-named, Connie Fleming (Polkas);

Noel Hill with The Salamanca

[n.b.These are from a web page new, to me, – NPU na Piobairi Uilleann – with lots of other videos

Now some International Concertina selections…

A lovely concertina ensemble playing El Capitan – Philadelphia Concertina Band, feat. Rachel Hall – I recognise those looks of concentration!

Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5 Johannes Brahms Concertina – 18 year old Peter Nahon from Paris. A superior live concert performance.

Henry Schuckert, Henry Schepp – Pretty Josephine polka (1924)

Wally Doubell and his Waker Uppers* – Tin Town (early 1930s) on a miniature:

The above selections posted courtesy of Jan Tak who I think is Afrikaan. Also below:
Boeremusiek – Sjoe, maar dis warm wals

The concertina in a folk-rock environment:

Richard Thompson band, John Kirkpatrick etc: The Gas Almost Works (live 1980); Filmed at Cropredy 1980, the first Fairport Convention “reunion” festival after the split the previous year. This clip appeared on a limited edition VHS video issued through Videotfolk in late 1982. The tape came with no cover and was sometimes called “Farewell Farewell” or just “Cropredy 30th August 1980”.

On stage are Richard Thompson, John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Dave Pegg and Dave Mattacks . Pegg and Mattacks later recorded The Gas Almost Works – a Kirkpatrick tune – with the reformed Fairport on ‘Expletive Delighted’ (1986).

Damien Barber & Mike Wilson ‘Pilgrims Way’ with a Peter Bellamy song.