Internet Video Jukebox 14 with Paul Walker

Many thanks to reader Steve Taggart who has found a trio of unusual concertina-related clips:
Cicco Camelio on Clarinet and Foley Fettucini on Concertina Concertina qui pleure, clarinette qui rit, paris qui dort (2/2)
Music experiment with the 16mm silent movie “Paris qui dort” (France, 1925), also known as “Le rayon de la mort invisible” featuring experimental random rumours by the incredible randolfinarium and linacinemarinio show.

Toy Box Trio “Through the whimsical combination of concertina, toy-piano and double bass, Toy-Box Trio enables audiences to experience through-composed music in an entirely new way. A natural extension of the classical piano trio–a staple in chamber repertoire–extended into the modern age, the Trio infuses the concert hall experience with a world of dusty old music boxes, haunted carnivals, and a “neo-cabaret” aesthetic.”[nb sorry, no video but select LISTEN on Home page to hear the Trio.]

Anglo Songs U3A Concert [University of the Third Age] – A Concertina Medley of English Folk Tunes played at Riverside Stratford St Andrew, Suffolk – April 2017-an obvious crowd-pleaser!

“La Paloma” Played by Bell’s United English Concertina Band Pathe 79932

Note- there is a Forum for Gramophone 78rpm & phonograph Enthusiasts Broadcasting Throughout The British Empire & the World, for 78 s enthusiasts.

Halloween has only recently passed, so a reminder of Rick Spencer: Hexagon Zombies.
“The concertina player can be identified by the hexagon-shaped, bellows-driven instrument in the lap and the look of intense concentration on the face. This look is frequently mistaken for the blank stare of the undead. At a gathering of concertina players (properly called a “din”), someone will inevitably take a squeezebox apart for all to marvel at the intricate inner workings. They are addictive, dangerous and aggravating. Beware. Don’t allow my fate to become yours”.

Tony Dunn playing a Shakespeare Anglo concertina circa late 1800.

Cormac Begley Low Low D Concertina First Recording-Irish wiz (?)

Bill Malley’s Barndance- on miniature concertina (by Krygkn?)

Johnny Clegg & Savuka – Tough Enough – Heineken Concerts – The concertina in a Roots/Pop setting,1997. Very lively.

Sinforiano Jimenez YA SE FUE MI GOLONDRIA (CONCERTINA BOLIVIANA – Cueca- sunny & shimmering.