Internet Video Jukebox 12 with Paul Walker


Alexander Prince (concertina) – Jackanapes Polka) a masterful performance on 78 rpm.(1915).

Gratefully received from from CW reader Steve Taggart:

(See last CW Tune Supplement).”Here called “Modern Times” but, as l understand it, that was the title of the 1936 Chaplin film, for the sound-track of which Charlie, an excellent musician and apparently taking inspiration from Puccini’s opera “Tosca”, had originally composed his song “Smile”. Also two performances of this song, both played by English-concertina-playing clowns, one for a circus audience, the other to a somewhat less-than-interested flock of ducks!”

Francesco Smile on Concertina Liege 2015  (G Francesco Beeloo):

Smile Concertina (bigtoplessclowns):

John Kirkpatrick: That Great Christmas Pud John gave a great Shropshire Tunes worshop & later a concert on the day of the ICA AGM, kindly hosted by the East Midlands concertina group.

Dlamini – Imfene (Pondo Concertina) (Plastik 940). Excellent Roots music from, I think, Eastern Cape South Africa.

Noel Hill – The Hearty Bucks of Oranmore. I hadn’t realised until Bill Crossland put me right, that it was Noel Hill who developed the cross-row way of playing an Anglo. Which enabled him to play in a wider range of keys than most push-pull players. Smooth as a Bailey’s!

Classical music on English concertina-Free concertina lessons on an exercise using 4 fingers. Played by Pauline de Snoo

Harp and Concertina duet – sadly uncredited youth players.

Acordeão – Concertina Stefano Mosetti- 6 year Italian boy wonder, playing a button accordion, by the looks of it.

Granny’s AtticKiss in the Morning Early . Hopefully Cohen, Anglo player/vocals, will interview for CW readers very soon.

Autumn Leaves Jazz Version on a 1909 Wheatstone Aeola. Interesting use of chords. (Michael Pierceall)

Naomi Sato demonstrates the sho– free-reed instrument & forerunner of the concertina.