Internet Video Jukebox 11

With Paul Walker spinnin’ the platters

Malcolm Clapp – The Water Feature. Fine anglo playing from Australia. One of Malcolm’s own compositions.

“Imitations on the Concertina” Played by Dutch Daly G & T C 1902 GC 9138. Very early 78 rpm.

“Entry of the Gladiators” Concertina Solo by Percy Honri- Twickenham film star from the 1930s.

Los de Pukara de juliaca; “Porque me enamore de ti”. Using a Wheatstone 48 key which blends nicely with this Bolivian acoustic rock music.

Rory McMahon (Concertina) – Drunken Landlady / McKenna’s Reels from Clare (Noel Hill’s young nephew).

WILL DUKE & DAVE HILL Step Dance Tune – Royal Oak Folk Lewes. The anglo wizard who specialises in the push-pull English style as popularised by Scan Tester.

Thanks to Harry Scurfield for inspiration.

Brogan McAuliffe and Darren Breslin –anglo & accordion-terrific rhythm. Irish reels recorded in East Anglia.

Noel Battle Mouth Organ & Roisin Broderick Concertina Culfada – a preview of this year’s anglo tutor at the Swaledale Squeeze.

Toru Kato コンサーティーナで「海の見える街

A Town with An Ocean View (Japan); idiosyncratic music on a C/G Stagi anglo.

Bull at the Wagon – Bertram Levy – October 2013. Bertram (who wrote the tutor “The Anglo-Concertina Demystified”) is giving a concert on the 17.2.17 at the London Irish Centre.

Steve Turner – ‘Peace Descends’. Expressive vocals by Steve accompanying himself on the anglo.

Jabberwockistan-“David’s Lamentation” (Cooper #239) on Hayden duet concertina in Kabul.

Jochen Riemer (1) on MacCann Duet concertina at Swaledale Squeeze 2015. A sprightly 3/2 hornpipe plus improvisations.

BERNARD WRIGLEY sings “Nelly the Elephant- accompanying himself on a fine single-action bass concertina.