Internet Video Jukebox 6 – Paul Walker

Bootle Concertina Band Parade (16/08/08)-Loyalists in Liverpool. View the concertina in a military/political setting, marching in the rain.

The Elliots Issue Title Is Sea Shell Have Music (1936)-novelty music-hall act-dextrous concertina from 0.27 min & on miniature 2.59;

Singer: Katrien Verheijden & English concertina: Pauline de Snoo – from Songbook36. (Uploaded on Mar 22, 2009)-jazzy contemporary love song

David Gardiner workshop, playing MacCann duet concertina-David Gardiner workshop, at the Swaledale Squeeze 2013. Sonorous beauty.

Edel Fox – TG4 Young Musician of the Year 2004 – Edel Fox, Co. Clare on anglo concertina-playing the Steam Packet and the Leitrim Bucks:

John Roberts on anglo concertina, English style: Morris Dancing at the pub sing at the Mystic Sea Music Festival on June 11, 2011:

John Kirkpatrick plays the Bells of St. Mary’s, at the Spread Eagle, Lymm. It’s a famous Music Hall concertina players’ ‘trick’ which takes advantage of the Doppler Effect to make the concertina sound like a peal of Bells. Jul 4, 2012

Jody Kruskal sings Its My Lazy Day at Seaford Folk Club, accompanying himself on concertina. – A fine, humorous rag time song.

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