Internet Video Jukebox #5

Paul Walker

YOUTUBE is wonderful. At the click of a mouse, you can have front seat at an Irish session or be a guest of the Ngoqoko Cultural Group.
For Internet novices: Google YouTube; then type in the artiste’s name opposite the icon that looks like a magnifying glass.

Bootle Concertina Band Parade (16/08/08)-Loyalists in Liverpool

Zideki Mangaliso (Aug 21, 2010) playing his own composition on the concertina. In this song he uses the Xhosa chord cycle with two major chords a tone apart from each other. (In this case G and F.)

Noel Hill, Tony MacMahon – The Concertina (Reel), Come West Along the Road, The New Mown Meadow (Dec 88)

Warren Fahey’s Australian Bush Orchestra plays Australian Jim/Mudgee Schottische (July 2012)

Pauline de Snoo on English Concertina and Chris van de Kuilen on piano Classical music on english concertina 2 [This is: Sorrow by Bernhard Molique, Opus 61..] Nov 2008

Juliette Daum Fandanguillo – Concertina: plays a bass/baritone ‘tina (Oct 2007). Sonorous

Simon Thoumire concertina –Julia’s/ Madame Bonaparte (2006)

Percy Honri concertina [starring in “Lily of Killarney”, 1934]-starts 2.16

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