Internet Video Jukebox #3

by Paul Walker

YOUTUBE is an Aladdin’s cave. At the click of a mouse, you can dance at an Irish house party, be transported to South Africa or visit a  Labor Day concertina jamboree in Wisconsin. And all on free WiFi.

For Internet novices: Google YouTube; then type in the artiste’s name opposite the icon that looks like a magnifying glass.

First up a rousing 1945 Jo’burg anthem from Willie Gumede & His Concertina Band ・UmgobotI -taken from taken from 2011 comp, “Echoes of Africa.”

Stirring march from Carrick Loyalists, Red Hand Concertina Band – Red Hand of Ulster: wailing concertinas with delightful bell lyres.

County Clare Music Part 2 “Dancin’ sets round the house & mind the dresser!” Includes historical footage of farmer musicians such as Junior Crehan.

A Northern Lass (slow air ) and A Northern Frisk (3/2)- duet by Mary Humphreys on English concertina and Anahata on Anglo concertina- session stalwarts.

The legendary Manley Morris from 1989 inc. renowned figure Caleb Walker [nb the concertina led band don’t appear till the video end]

Dirk Laas – Concertina Boogie- a lively South African 鉄trictly・number [Dirk Laas loved boeremusiek and died from a heart attack while playing the concertina.]

“The Four Jacks March” played by Maureen Dwyer on Chemnitzer concertina (reminiscent of the Ashton-under-Lyne Prize Concertina Band)