Concertina World #461 – March 2015


2 Index
3 Editorial
4 New members
5 Internet Jukebox
6 More on the concertina in time of war
7 J25 Taunton Music Festival
8 Timelines of Concertina Builders
15 Coff up
16 About ‘Alto’ Concertinas
18 Cd reviews
22 Quiz Answers
23 Interview Johan Verbeek
26 Workhop Jody Kruskal
28 Interview Randy Stein
32 SqueezEast Concertinas New Group
33 Amplifying the concertina
34 Alternative temperaments for the concertina
39 Concertinas At Metropolitan Museum
40 Upcoming Events
41 Updates Event details


Centre magazine 12 pages music supplement; contributed by Bryan Creer, Valmai Goodyear and Pauline de Snoo


Arthur Brine, Jim Dangarfield, Pauline de Snoo, Johan de With, Peter Dyson, Bill Finnegan, Chris Flint, Valmai Goodyear, Brian Peters, Tim Stansfeld, Paul Walker, Geoff Wooff, Claire Wren.