Internet Video Jukebox 2

More from the marvellous resource: YOUTUBE, by Paul Walker.
(For Internet novices: Google YouTube; then type in the artiste’s name opposite the icon that looks like a magnifying glass.)

Melodies of today and yesterday

Music Hall star Percy Honri and his daughter play “Two Lovely Black Eyes” et al.
Percy and Mary Honri (1936) British Pathé

Nostalgic newsreel

A nostalgic British Pathé newsreel next, reminiscent of childhood ice-creams at the Odeon.
Concertina Factory Aka Concert In A Factory (1961)

Wakker playing Regondi

Wim Wakker playing a selection from the concertina’s classical repertoire (beware the  flashing light at the start of the clip).
Giulio Regondi: Hexameron No.1 for solo Concertina

Music Hall from France 1975

Lady in evening suit plus clown.
Annie Fratellini et Pierre Etaix à l’accordéon – 28 juin 1975
un Prélude de Bach. Émissions TV, Archive tv, Archive

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German street theatre

Lively German street theatre posted 2010. Acrobatic contortions with the bellows of  possibly a bandoneon.
Clown Pompo spielt Concertina-Straßentheater


South African Township music on the Squashbox [contact Harry Scurfield for more details of this type of Anglo concertina plus a CD compilation.
William Mhlawuli – Endlini (Xhosa Concertina) (Ba-Ba 335)

Also see the PICA article: “The Black Concertina Tradition of South Africa” Dec 2009.